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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

"Magnificent Magnesium"

"Your Health - Is Your Wealth - Nothing Else"

So, the big "Mg" makes another appearance right here on my humble little blog.

Seriously folks, I have done a lot of medical studying over the years and everything I have learned has driven me further and further away from mainstream doctors and the Big Pharma bullshit that only propagates profit for them, whilst killing us.

Time to wake the flock up sheeple.

Submit to the truth that your lifestyle is wrong, your eating and drinking habits are wrong, that you are being badly poisoned by your own government, and that you have become so complacent in your attitude toward life that you deserve nothing better than the illness you suffer.

And it is "NOT" all your own fault.

A war of propaganda has been raging against your body via the main stream media and the medical industry for many generations, and with all the toxic shit they are spraying from the skies and pumping into our food and water, it's actually a fucking wonder any of us are still alive! Don't believe me? Watch my next presentation about google and youtube's extreme censorship of all medical and governmental tyranny matters tomorrow....

Knowledge is the key to ever battle faced by the people against a NWO agenda that requires most of us dead, it is now conspiracy fact,

"You are what you eat"

Ever heard that little chestnut before? Ever wonder why people used to pray and give thanks before they sat down and ate a family meal? Because they knew damn well that whatever they are going to eat is going to become them....



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