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Saturday, 10 March 2018

"Conditioning The Sheep For Social Crediting"

"Globalists Eradicating Truth From The Internet"

More youtube channels have been closed down in the last few days, notably, the TruthUnveiled777 channel that I have featured a lot recently. Why would the NWO want to silence a channel that exposes deception within the roman catholic church I wonder?

Please click on the TruthUnveiled777 label at the foot of the posting, then tell me if there are any of their vids left on my blog? I have copied the most important vids and will replace them over the weekend. These are the ones in the Aetherial Battle series I did in December last year.

This censorship is to do with eradicating the truth from history and preparing the masses for the Social Crediting programme to be introduced very shortly.

Below, Max Igan explains this concept rather well which has already been introduced to China and is being prepped for the rest of us.

"Worse than those who commit the act, are the treacherous cowards who allow the act to stand as history."

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