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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

"Stop Being A Fool At The Lowest Totem"

"Know That Your Future Is Already Mapped Out For You"

What is happening in the world today is simply history repeating itself, and it will go on repeating itself because the sheep refuse to awaken from their slumber to change it.

What did the Bible tell us?
"Nothing new is under the sun"

Below is another fine video/audio from the ever astute Alan Watt....The links provided are there for reference with regard to the points he makes.

"Appearance of Chaos, What's it Mean, What For? So You'll be Glad of New Order after This War" © Alan Watt Jan. 28, 2018 TOPICS: Carroll Quigley - Cecil Rhodes - Lord Alfred Milner - Free Trade - Merchant Bankers - Britain Used as Embryo of System Which was Then Moved to U.S. - Quigley's Tragedy and Hope - The Farce of Democracy - Aldous and Julian Huxley on the Scientific Elite - Davos - Public-Private Partnerships - Elon Musk - Agenda 21 - Tax-Subsidized Electric Vehicles - The Plunder by the Wealthy Ruling Class in the Soviet System - Order Out of Chaos - The Chaos is Created - Countries are Corporations - Communist Plank, Destruction of Marriage, Families, Religion - Freud's Intent with Psychotherapy - PNAC's List of Middle East Countries to Take Down - Don't Fall for Left-Right Politics - The Schizophrenia of News Presentation - Gangs in the U.S. - Gaddafi's Warning - Climate Scientists at Davos Buried in Snow - South Australia's Anti-Coal Quest - Britain is Finished - Patients Dying in Hospital Corridors, Britain' NHS - Apple is Bringing Health Records to iPhone - Carillion UK Bankruptcy - Carillion Canada to Get Creditor Protection - Private Finance Initiatives. *Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 28, 2018 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes) ----- Scientists Get Buried In Snow At Davos While Lecturing On Global Warming Going nowhere fast: US Navy's new high-speed warship USS Little Rock is FROZEN on the shores of Montreal and unable to set sail until the spring Patients 'dying in hospital corridors' How 18 psychiatric patients freed by one NHS Trust ALL went on to kill Apple announces effortless solution bringing health records to iPhone Last South Australian coal-fired power station demolition nears completion Whites Need Not Apply--BBC Vacancy Oxford University gives women more time to pass exams Now you've got to be in agony to have hip op: Most NHS trusts now imposing cruel new pain tests in row over 'rationing' Ontario government must step in to protect hospital staff and the public in Carillion bankruptcy Road to ruin? Carillion collapse puts spotlight on U.K. outsourcing model PFI: What are Private Finance Initiatives, will they really cost the taxpayer £200bn and is it finally time to get rid of them? Carillion: 'Matter of days' to stop collapse Carillion Canada gets creditor protection after failure of U.K. parent Yahoo Search - Carillion Canada Construction News Liquidation of British firm Carillion threatens 6,000 jobs in Canada MS-13 gang accused of beheading a man and tearing out his heart near Washington park Musk's New Pay Deal Could Make Him the World's Richest Man—If Tesla Succeeds People Approve of Company CEOs More Than World Leaders *See Alan's website for 1 more article*

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