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Friday, 22 December 2017

"The Inspiring Story Of Two Man Mountains"

"Fat - Sick - and Nearly Dead"

The fantastic story of Australian, Joe Cross, and his quest to juice for 60 days.

Along his journey he met a truck driver (Phil Staples) in America who joined Joe's life changing crusade to come back to life through the power of fruits and vegetables.

This documentary also proves that Big Pharma medicine and man made food is nothing but toxic filth that is actually surplus to human requirements as the medical profession has never actually CURED anyone of anything, EVER!!!

The man made food industry is there simply to poison us whilst ensuring that doctors and the pharmaceutical industry have a never ending cash cow to rake in profit from. How do we end that, we refuse to buy their filth and choose to shop at organic farmers markets instead. It really is that easy!

If anyone decides to change their life through diet, eating raw organic fruits and vegetables is the only way to succeed every time. It is also imperative that all foods ARE organic, GMO free, and pesticide free.

Also of the greatest importance is the fact that you MUST DRINK clean PURE WATER.

CLEAN PURE WATER will also be the topic of my next posting as it is one of the greatest secrets that the New World Order don't want YOU knowing about....

Do you have it in you to change your life?

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