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Monday, 25 December 2017

"How The World Was Duped Into Believing In Jesus & Christmas"

"The Roman Catholic Beast System Worships Lucifer"

The name "Jesus" has only been around for just over 400 years and its literal meaning is
"Earth Pig".

Christmas day is the 25th December, and who's birthday is it?
"Nimrod" of Babylon.

Why do the Vatican own a telescope on Mt Graham, Tucson, Arizona, operated by jesuits and named

Are Christians and Roman Catholics finally beginning to see the truth? You are all worshipping lucifer, and NOT the FATHER and NOT the SON!!!

Our Creator's name is "YAHUAH"

Our Messiah's name is "YAHUSHA"

The two videos below will explain everything for those who actually care.

I also did a 7 part series beginning on the 30th November explaining how (in my humble opinion) everything is interlinked concerning the New World Order, the Roman Catholic Beast System and Lucifer.

Below is the intro from TruthUnveiled777 followed by the video....

What Is The TRUTH About The Messiah? Here's the order of subtopics we will be covering: Intro/Preface 1. Hebrew Names And Their Significance 2. The Letter “J” 3. The Etymology Of “Jesus” 4. The TRUE Identity Of The REAL Messiah 5. How The REAL Messiah REALLY Died 6. The Origins Of The Cross 7. Christian History: The Origins Of The Church 8. The Etymology Of “Christ” 9. Christ/Krishna Similarities 10. Christmas/December 25th 11. The Concept Of The Trinity 12. The Concept Of Mother And Child 13. The Concept Of Pagan Sun Worship: Idolatry 14. Project Blue Beam And One World Religion 15. The TRUE Meanings Of “Jesus” And “Yeshua” (Greek/Latin) 16. The Abomination Of Desolation 17. The Strong Delusion 18. The Hebrew Names Polluted No More! 19. THE TRUTH! 20. The Passover Lamb Conclusion Where Does "Jesus Christ" REALLY Originate From?!?! THE TRUTH REVEALED!!! BE DECEIVED NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW IT IS HIGH TIME TO AWAKEN OUT OF SLEEP: FOR NOW IS OUR SALVATION NEARER THAN WHEN WE BELIEVED!!! (ROMANS 13:11!) BECAUSE YAHUAH IS SALVATION!!!! NOW IS THE TIME TO AWAKEN TO TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT TRUTH!!! COME OUT OF BABYLON THAT IS THE CHURCH, CATHOLICISM, CHRISTIANITY, AND ALL RELIGIONS PERIOD! BUT RATHER, SEEK YAHUAH, HIS TORAH, AND HIS TRUE SON: THE REAL MASHIYACH (MESSIAH) YAHUSHA HAMASHIYACH — THAT WAY YOU WILL BE DELIVERED FROM WHAT'S TO COME!!!!!!! ALSO SEE — Project Blue Beam! ALSO SEE — Is 666 REALLY The Mark Of The Beast? ALSO SEE — The REAL Mark Of The Beast! ALSO SEE — The REAL Image Of The Beast! ALSO SEE — The REAL Messiah Hung On A TREE! ALSO SEE — Is The Cross PAGAN? ALSO SEE — Is The Trinity PAGAN? ALSO SEE — Is Easter PAGAN? ALSO SEE — FREEMASONRY In The Church?! ALSO SEE — Church On SUN-Day? SUN Worship?? PAGAN?! ALSO SEE — Amen?! Lord?! God?! PAGAN??? ALSO SEE — Has The Bible REALLY Been Tampered With?!?! ALSO SEE — Was “Jesus” REALLY A Slave Ship??? ALSO SEE — WHO ARE THE REAL BIBLICAL ISRAELITES??? TORAH TRUTH! ALSO SEE — The REAL Name Of Our Father! ALSO SEE — The REAL Name Of Our Messiah! ALSO SEE — Is The Law REALLY “Done Away With?” ALSO SEE — Is The “Sacred Name Movement” REALLY A Cult? ALSO SEE — Clean And Unclean Foods: ALSO SEE — Learn More About The Sabbath: ALSO SEE — Learn More About Passover: ALSO SEE — Learn More About Unleavened Bread: ALSO SEE — Learn More About First-Fruits/Pentecost: ALSO SEE — The TRUTH About Tithing! And If You Have Any Questions, Comments, Or Concerns, Please Email Me At “" LEARN MORE! (Due to the High Volume of Links and Resources used, I will be linking and citing ALL of my Sources on my Wordpress Blog BELOW!) NOTE: ALL Scriptures Referenced Are From The Original 1611 King James Version (KJV) NOTE: Each Resource will correspond with the subtopic listed above VIEW ALL SOURCES HERE!!! https://unveilingthetruth.wordpress.c...

As an aside, I thought this video would also be of interest to those of you with an inquiring mind. Enjoy....

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