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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

"Alan Watt on Great Britain - The Embryo Of World Government"

"Still Feel Proud To Be British?"

Order of the Garter
Below is an excellent video explaining the long term planning for the coming New World Order, only it isn't actually new, but rather a newer version of the Old World Order....

"Great Britain, Embryo of World Government - 1938 Report From Royal Institute of International Affairs' Global Meeting" © Alan Watt May 4, 2007 TOPICS: Published Books Available to Public - Legalistic Statements - Classified and Top Secret Information - Archives and Vaults, NAFTA and Free Trade Negotiations - Edited Report for Public, Illusion of Living in a Free Society, -- Royal Institute of International Affairs - World Meeting - "British Commonwealth and the Future" published by Humphrey Milford -- Council on Foreign Relations - CFR - World Government, Rockefeller Foundation, Labor Unions - Communism and Capitalism, Interdependence - John Dee - "British" or "Brightish" Empire, "International Identity", New Culture for World System - British Aristocracy, Mouse-Traps of The System, Royal Charter for Cecil Rhodes Foundation - Non-Governmental Front-groups, Lord Alfred Milner - Round Table Societies - League of Nations - United Nations, National Sovereignty as Transitional Phase to World Government - Super-state, U.S. and U.K. Commonwealth, "Collective Security" - Democracy - Dictatorship States - Nazi Regime, Pan-American Union - "Unity in Diversity" - European Union - American Union, Winston Churchill, Media Mogul Attendance of World Meetings - Inter-Generational Training toward World Government, Knights' Looting of Countries, Institute for Pacific Relations, Pre-Planned World War II, Elite View of "Peasants" as a Pool of Labor, Culture Clashes in 21st Century, World Court, Bilderbergers, Club of Rome - Depopulation Agenda, -- Royal Institute of Intl. Affairs Conference 1938 - Lapstone (Sydney), Australia -- British Columbia Asiatic Population - Making China the World Manufacturer, Global Totalitarian Prison-Camp, Naive Promoters of World "Utopia", -- Arthur C. Clarke books - "2001" - "2010" - "3001" - a Future with One Billion People on Earth and Micro-chipped Population -- Predictive Programming, Three Levels of Technology - Professorship and Below, CIA-Mossad-MI6 Advanced Technology, Good Reason is Given to Public - Real Reason is Never Told, Francis Bacon - Machiavelli - Advisors to Kings and Queens, Economic Depressions - Regulations - Future Ban on Wood-stove Heating - Elimination of Independence - Rising Taxes and Costs of "Energy", Global Plantation is Underway, Creation of NATO, Karl Marx - Funded by Corporations - A United Europe-Americas-Pacific Rim, -- Dreamland - Rainbows - Leprechauns - Out of Body Experiences - Play with Chakras - Closing Your Eyes and Wishing it all Better - New Age Phenomena has Disarmed Minds of Millions - Circuses and Sports have Disarmed Most of the Rest -- If a Monied System Never Came Into Being - Gradual Natural Integration of Peoples - Pict and Scot Integration in Scotland, Crashing of Money System - Conflicts and Group Divisions will Occur, Antagonism - Stirring of Emotions, Remaining a Distinct Sentient Individual, Public "On-Board" and "On-Track", Reading Dry Dusty Old Books - Understanding What is Around You, (Song: "Working Class Hero" by John Lennon, recreated by Nate Maingard -

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