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Saturday, 4 November 2017

"The InPower Movement - Part 2 - Max Igan On The 5G Smart Grid"

"Why Have The InPower Movement Focused Their Work Solely On The 5G Smart Grid???"

Have you ever heard of E.M.R?

Have you ever heard of D.E.W?

Have you ever heard of A.I?

Well, EMR is electro-magnetic radiation, DEW is directed energy weapons, and AI is artificial intelligence. So why would the InPower Movement be focusing on the 5G smart grid holding politicians personally liable for it's implementation?

Because the 5G Smart Grid is all of these three things!!!

Essentially, the 5G smart grid "IS" our enslaving entity, a control grid, the ultimate spy grid, and a weapon against the people that only a few throughout history have ever known about, Nikola Tesla being the master.

Everything going on in this world at the moment is simply a distraction! Terrorism, wars, the cancer epidemic, the false flag operations, money hardships, it's all a contrived crock of shit to divert attention from the real threat to humanity which is the 5G Smart Grid Weapon.

There are two videos below, and "BOTH" should be watched by everyone. There are also two links below the videos that all of you should at least click on....

Full FCC Video

Full Elon Musk Video

Oh my!!! Have the New World Order controlled "YouTube" taken these videos down?

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