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Thursday, 30 November 2017

"The Aethereal Battle For Heaven And Earth Part 1"

"Know Your Enemy"

Many are now finally aware of the NWO (new world order) and their debauched agenda for world domination, one world government, one world religion, one world digital currency, the total globalisation of everything to be run from the shadows by AI.

But just how many of you know the real agenda behind the scenes? The Aethereal battle that we were all born into, and the struggle by the elites to wipe the Creators "Temple" from the face of the Earth and ascend to Heaven another way.

In this series we are going to delve deep into the real motivation that drives these NWO psychopaths to destroy everything that is beautiful to us and our Creator.

Below we start with lucifer himself, and the satanic agenda that has been playing out over the centuries. later we will get into the roman death cult and the incredible deception that the roman catholic church has falsely brought to bare upon the indoctrinated masses.

We shall also be covering 3rd strand DNA and the eventual "mixing of iron and clay" (trans-humanism) spoken of in the Bible. Not forgetting of course, how the Bible and Commandments have been altered, and just what/who exactly are the first and second beasts of Revelation.

We shall also be delving into the 666 myth, the antichrist, and finding out exactly who the false prophet is. Then finishing off with a dose of project blue beam which will deceive those who have no access to the information required for their own discernment on this matter.

Don't believe in good and evil? Don't believe in G-O-D and lucifer? Well, the people that have been running the world for at least seven thousand years sure as hell do!!!

Below are 2 videos to get this ancient stone rolling....

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