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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

"Cancer Victim Told To Eat Jelly Babies And Ice Cream....WTF!!!"

"Foods That Heal & Foods That Kill"

I met a cancer victim last week who had recently had surgery, they had caught the cancer in time and the operation was a success. Fantastic I thought.

She then told me that she had been prescribed a diet that included eating ice cream and jelly babies. As those who know me can imagine, I sat there ashen faced for a few minutes in total bewilderment until I composed myself and told her that it wouldn't be long before the cancer was back!

I then explained to her that cancer can only live off glucose, and that it feeds off nothing else. She then asked "well why would they give me this diet to eat?".

My reply was "Go look at my website for the answer to your question".

So, for that lovely stranger I met last week, I give you Dr John Bergman, 77 dead (probably murdered) holistic doctors, and Dr Russell Blaylock.

And please be sure to visit the link below, you will be astounded....

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