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Thursday, 23 November 2017

"Alan Watt on Psychopaths & Communist Goals For Taking Over America"

"Why Is The Roman Catholic Church Always In Sync With The Communists & Others?"

I have said many times on this blog that if people think there can be a new world order, a one world government without Russia and China, then they are completely insane!

These Nations are all colluding together. Wake the hell up people, there is "NO REAL" threat of nuclear war anywhere, there never was, it's all theatre for the masses, bread and circuses!!!

On January the 10th 1963, the American House of Representatives, and later the Senate, began reviewing a document entitled

"Communist Goals For Taking Over America"

It contained an agenda of 45 issues that Alan shares in the video below. The video following that is the latest offering from that fine humanitarian Max Igan. Watch the Alan Watt video then see if you can't correlate that with what Max is saying....

There is one extremely important aspect that I believe Max and Alan, and many other reputable truther's have completely overlooked in their research, and I will be going into rather fine detail on that issue over the next week or so.

Slumber time is over people!!!

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