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Saturday, 9 July 2016

"How Safe Are You In Your New Car?"

"One For The Idiots Of The Planet"

Perhaps one day the screwball public might actually awaken from their delusional kip!!!

If a man was asked, even as little as 30 years ago, would you drive in a car you potentially had no control over? The answer would have been "get fucked you idiot".

Asked the same question 50 years ago, the answer would have been, "do you think I'm mad?".

Asked the same question 80 years ago, the answer would have been "are YOU mad?".

Ask the same question today and 90% of the driving morons would say, "of course not" yet the brainwashed pricks are actually doing just that, and on a daily basis!!!


Published on 8 Jul 2016
Ex-NSA spy Charles Miller demonstrates to Ben Makuch the dangers of hacking a car, and explains the cyber vulnerabilities of machines we use in our everyday lives.

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