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Sunday, 26 June 2016

"The Plan To Destroy The UK"

"BRexit Was All By Design!!!"

So, BRexit wins by a mere 1 million votes.

Knowing our governments propensity for lies and deception, why didn't "THEY" just simply rig the vote? A million votes, it's a pimple....

The reason "THEY" didn't rig the vote this time is that "?


Every time I type anything it gets erased, some cunt is in my computer with me and I'm not typing it all out again. Even my downloaded pictures aren't going into their selected folders.

Ian Crane below (please note the publication date) will explain what I was saying....and fuck you pricks who have hacked me as you will never silence me....

Published on 4 Jun 2016
The UK is being set up the final destruction of the NATION STATE!
On Thursday 23rd June 2016, the outcome of the EU referendum will be manipulated ... but perhaps not in the way many expect! 

At the recent AV7 Conference, Ian R Crane presented the magnitude of deceit & deception being perpetrated by both UK & EU politicians and names those specifically tasked with bringing about the Final Destruction of ALL European Nation States.

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