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Friday, 13 April 2012

"Yet Another Suicide In Sunny Jersey"

"Another Sad Suicide"

Rest in Peace sweet child - the Lord holds thee now


  1. Trollbots are overstepping the mark this last week, look out ya window before you leave home, someone is looking for you....

  2. Thats such a sad and tragic story, what was she 18 if I remember in the story. Anyway regardless of age that is a child without a mother in their life.

    I remember when the island wide car drive or whatever its called happened and some people could do nothing but moan about how their days drive was disrupted by caring people who turned out to show some rememberance. I pity those few who have nothing better to do than moan about their day being disrupted by the death of another.

    Then we get the same old line that lessons will be learned. I just pity anyone who belives that old chestnut.

    As for any troll that has the disgust of mind to scorn or attempt to comment anything bad against this person then I pity the parents for bringing up such trash.

  3. Hit a nerve Ian? Maybe you should stop fucking around with other people and let dogs lie.

  4. Jon 'bastard' Haworth no doubt, just like this piece of interbred sh*t to pull a stunt on a suicide posting.

    There again, what the hell else can you expect from The Jersey Oligarchy's number one troll & paedophile supporter???

    Ironically, Jon thinks he is safe and protected :)

  5. "Hit a nerve?"

    Oh yes you did, but not the one you think you hit you disgusting prick.

    Dogs will never lie whilst I live, you inbred shyte are going to pay the ferryman whatever he demands, it is already arranged....

  6. Go and kill him Ian!!!! Kill KIll KILL, fucking twat.

  7. You think I am falling for that bravado you imbecile?

    This is not about violence and aggression, that is easy, this is about using your own laws to turn the stinking lot of you over. And we will.
    We are starting next week with one of your newest recruits, shortly followed by one of your oldest disgusting perverts.


  8. Bah its really good to get the news without the dross, just a shame that the rag only skirt over the top of stories and pick out the mundane. Its good that your here in so we get at least some truth from our Island "parasites" paradise.

  9. The issue of suicide in Jersey continues to be resisted by the Scrutiny system as a topic worthy of inquiry. I am tired of asking as I am totally frustrated at my attempts to stimulate any interest in the whollly inadequate Inquest process administered by the Viscount's Department.
    Are there really no States Members prepared to lift the lid on this further Jersey scandal?
    Presumably those people who run the Samiritans and other groups must have fuller information and obviously confidentiality is vitally important but this particular omerta must be removed in the public interest.

    (PS I regret very much that you have published some of the comments above Ian - the trolls as you call them clearly have health issues, so why feed their problems here in this context?- and I don't want to stimulate further discussion on that matter here either)

  10. You'll be delighted to see that the Farce scum blog says it's back, with a picture of Lenny daring to enjoy a drink.
    What a bunch of evil scum!