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Saturday, 14 April 2012

 Politicians to be questioned over States’ £546,000 pay-off

Deputy Tracey Vallois will chair the hearing
Deputy Tracey Vallois will chair the hearing

THE politicians at the heart of the £546,337 golden handshake to former States chief executive Bill Ogley face questions at a public hearing on Monday.

The Public Accounts Committee will be quizzing former Chief Minister Frank Walker, who signed off Mr Ogley’s contract with its pay-out clause; Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf, whose rows with Mr Ogley led to his departure and the pay-off; and Chief Minister Ian Gorst, who published the amount of the pay-off after months of secrecy.

All three will be asked about their roles in Mr Ogley’s departure and how things went so wrong that he ended up leaving his £217,000-a-year post with a £546,337 pay-off.

Public Accounts Committee chairwoman Tracey Vallois said that they wanted to publish their report by 8 May.