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Friday, 20 April 2012

"Repeat Criminal Offender Wants Tasers For Police"

‘Latest incident good reason for tasers’

 Home Affairs Minister & Evidenced Criminal, Ian Le Marquand

THE use of armed police following reports of a stabbing in town earlier this week highlights the need for Jersey police to have tasers, the Home Affairs Minister has said.

On Wednesday firearms officers swooped on a property in Hope Street to arrest a suspect after a 27-year-old man was allegedly stabbed in the face with a screwdriver near the Town Church.

The man’s injuries were not serious and he was released from hospital a few hours later promoting criticism that the States police overreacted with their armed response, which was witnessed by many members of the public.

However, Senator Ian Le Marquand – who is on the verge of bringing a proposal to the States calling for the introduction of tasers in Jersey – said the police currently had no other option than to send officers armed with guns.


  1. "Latest incident good reason for tasers"

    Just like your "GOOD REASON" for allowing four policemen to get away with perjury, you make up crap in your tiny mind that you can't hear evidence!!!

    Well, judging by the reaction of everyone else in the courtroom, THEY HEARD IT!!!

    Your a liar Le Marquand, a corrupt lying cheat, a coward, a fake, and a thick halfwit....You are one of Jersey's WORST CRIMINALS

    1. Well that just about covers it!! Nicely put. Good luck with your impending op hope your recovery is swift.

  2. Personally, I think capital punishment should be reintroduced for rapists,

    1 line from online letter in rag re tasers,amazing how this statement slipped past a certain senior member of the rag.

  3. Ian.

    You will be doing a live, and interactive, broadcast tomorrow Sunday 22nd at 6pm (BST). Viewers can watch/take part HERE

  4. Ian.

    Ooops I meant "Rico" not "you"