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Thursday, 19 April 2012

"Ozo The Bozo Pokes His Big Nose In"

Keep your nose out of our pay talks, union tells Treasury Minister

 Senator Philip Ozouf

JERSEY’S Treasury Minister is facing fierce criticism after writing to the Island’s utility firms urging them not to grant large pay increases.

Senator Philip Ozouf recently took the unusual step of asking Jersey Water, the JEC, JT and Jersey Post to show restraint when settling pay claims this year and next.

And he yesterday told the JEP that he will now write to the Chamber of Commerce to ask their members not to grant large pay rises too.

But the move has outraged Jersey’s biggest union, which has claimed Senator Ozouf has ‘gone beyond his remit’.


  1. Beyond his remit....are you kidding,,,his Ego is so big he does not even thinks he should have any remit other than doing whatever springs randomly into his Megalomania..Today the workers tomorow the WORLD!!!!

  2. Ozouf seems to have a say in anything that goes on in this Island, a lot of what has nothing at all to do with him, a proper little Dictator!!
    Cannot wait to see the back of him....