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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

"Ogley Robbery - The Bozo Refuses To Talk In Public!!!"

Ogley pay-off: Ozouf ‘had no record of complaints’

Only Silence & Contempt For The Public

Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf addressing the Public Accounts Committee yesterday
Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf addressing the Public Accounts Committee yesterday

THE politician that Jersey’s former top civil servant blamed for his £546,337 departure from the States told an investigating committee yesterday that he had no record of any complaints from the former chief executive and was not responsible for his payoff.

Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf appeared before the Public Accounts Committee yesterday and told them that he was not involved in the renegotiations that led to Bill Ogley’s huge payout clause or to the decision to sanction the ‘golden handshake’.

Although last month’s report by the States’ independent spending watchdog into Mr Ogley’s departure revealed that the breakdown in the relationship between the Senator and the former civil servant triggered the payoff, Senator Ozouf said he was not involved in the key decisions.

But he declined to give his side of the story in open session, so the committee removed the public and press to hear his views in secret.


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  3. "No record of complaints"
    Well, Ogley said he was not able to do his job properly because of Ozouf, and could not work with the man!...
    If that is not a complaint, then what the f**k is?