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Saturday, 21 April 2012

"New World Order Set To Stomp On Bailhache's Plans For Jersey Domination"





The last video
"Codex Alimentarius"
is a must watch



  1. I wouldn't trust what Dr Laibow says. It's real tinfoil hat stuff. Dr Rima Laibow is married to retired Major Stubblebine and they run a paranoid Natural solutions foundation website. He is the very general who featured in the amazing story filmed as "The men who state at goats" which should give you an idea as to their credibility.

  2. And the banning of health products into Europe a few months back....What would you make of that? Coincidence!!! or just plain bad luck?

  3. Let's not pussyfoot around the bush, ALL CANCER was cureable at the end of the 60's, barring none. All remedies for cancer are held in a vault at a medical university in America. Why is cannabis the only natural plant to be determined illegal? and has been used for 6,000 yrs to cure just about every conceivable ailment that man has ever been inflicted with? Do some real research Bozo!!!

  4. You shouldn't believe all the rubbish you read on the internet. As far as the "cannabis is harmless"/"cannabis is a super medicine" propaganda, all you need to do is go visit those who end up with cannabis psychosis and have t be regularly sectioned and you'll realise that it is actually pretty dangerous (although most get away with it).

  5. "Good Gravy" are you suggesting that peeps smoke cannabis to get better??? Surely, you cannot be that stupid?

    I am talking cannabis, as in "cannabis oil" the real deal, you don't smoke it, you don't bomb it, you take a pea sized measure from a syringe every day for roughly a month, rub it in and around the underside of your tounge, and your gums, and look in the mirror and watch yourself get better by the hour!!!

  6. Equally accommodating, is alkalizing the body to a Ph level of around 7.35 Whereby the cancer is halted in it's tracks, cannot grow, and can be reduced with an alkaline diet over a period of about a month. Cancer is a candida fungal infection, baking soda pisses that one off in a minute!!!

  7. If, by any chance I got it all wrong? Please correct my idiocy as you have a humanitarian duty to protect my readers from ME!!! Go publish the truth and come back here and tell my readers I am a liar and deceiver, and they should follow your advice instead of mine!!!

    If you can't do that, then stop commenting, or point my readers in the right direction....I am not saying that what I have discovered is right, all I am saying is that it is an avenue to explore and research. I am no medic but I research well, the links are out here to those who are able to choose for themselves....

  8. The government line is get chemo!!! Chemo annihilates the bodies defense system, the only thing that fights cancer. Get chemo, then get hooked on "BIG PHARMA" then, you too can pay a kings ransom to stay alive using their drugs for the rest of your natural!!!

    Next, you will be getting a shot of "Swine Flu Sue" well, good luck to ya :)

  9. Replies
    1. Well!!! what do ya know!!! In the last month (and clock the date of my swine flu posting) they have taken down two of the three videos that were on offer....Why would that be???

    2. Go type in "swine Flu Vaccine" on Youtube, these vids will appear there somewhere :)

  10. Fuckin corrupt Bean arseholes, can't push their out of date stocks of "thimerosal" on the unsuspecting public anymore, all thanks to this blog :)

    Thimerosal is a form of mercury, also in their concoction is anti-freeze!!! and an adjuvent called Squalin, go google that little chestnut!!!

    Prepare to be very fucking angry for them injecting your children with it, and all the time telling you how safe the poison was!!!

    SHEEPLE...."Get Off Your Knee's"

  11. Dr. Joseph Mercola has since pissed his pants and retracted the video that was available, did government threaten to end his miserable life? I have searched the Internet for the video I had up, it has disappeared for eternity....What a shithouse

  12. Just so you don't think I am saying that cannabis has no medical use here is a link to a press release about Sativex - the cannabis based drug that people with MS use to stop spasms.

    It says there is a strong case that Sativex provides better pain relief for patient with serious cancers than morphine/heroin/opioids because it can be added "on top" of existing opioid pain relief where that has become inadequate

  13. I'm not talking about pain relief, I am talking CURE!!!