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Monday, 16 April 2012

"Mr Cover-Up Gets A Hammering In The States"

Concern over criminal record checks

Could Eastern European criminals be settling in Jersey?

Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand is facing a series of questions about what background checks are made.

Deputy Mike Higgins wants the minister to publish police check figures and fears the criminal records of eastern european countries may not be available.

Deputy Roy Le Herissier is trying to weedle out information about whether or not Jersey is to have a new general hospital with questions to the health minister.

And the golden handshake furore continues.

Deputy Gerard Baudains is looking for more information about the reasons why former States Chief Executive Bill Ogley left his job early with a payoff of more than half a million pounds.

And Deputy Jackie Hilton is asking why former Health Department Chief Executive Mike Pollard was paid anything at all - he was given £129,000 -when it was reported that he had quit for personal reasons.


  1. It would be nice to think there are checks but I doubt there are. It's also a bit cheeky that this is aimed at Eastern Europeans, I wonder if they make any effort on checking none Eastern Europeans. They certainly didn't seem to mind Curtis Warren coming here despite him having had the cheek to write a book about his exploits. Makes me wonder if it all depends on potential criminal fund confiscation as to who is allowed in.

    I like Jackie Hiltons question, didnt realise that Mike Pollard quit for personal reasons so will be interesting to find out why he got a bonus for "quiting". I know, he must have received abuse from other civil servants or states members!!

  2. Perhaps it was all the fault of that nasty Mr Syvret fella for blogging about Mr Pollard!!!




  3. Shows just how incompetent Pollard was in his dealings with care leavers.

  4. Thank you for the LINK anon, much appreciated :)

  5. Could hey settle here...? too late they are here in droves...and some the cops won't touch...wonder why...because they are dangerous...properly dangerous.some ex Military...many ex nut house.