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Friday, 20 April 2012

"It's Official - Jersey Government Full Of Wasters!!!"

Outdated States wasting millions, says new HR head

We, of course, could have pointed this out

years ago!!!

Outdated States wasting millions, says new HR head
States departments are stuck in the 1970s, says a new human resources manager

STATES departments are ‘stuck in the 1970s and 1980s’ in work practices and management and are ‘haemorrhaging money’ as a result, says the new States Human Resources director.

Under the biggest public sector reform in decades, sweeping changes to the way that staff are managed, paid and appraised could see automatic pay rises replaced with pay progression for learning new skills, and new emphasis on succession and career planning to stop reliance on importing staff for top jobs.

The aim of the proposals – due to go before ministers next month – is to create a modern and efficient public sector to prepare for the demands of the ageing population in the decades to come.

Newly arrived human resources director Mark Sinclair says that the States are decades behind normal working practices and that years of underinvestment in basic human resources services such as performance management, career progression and IT systems have left the public sector haemorrhaging money.


  1. Whats different with this Sinclair bloke?

    How can he dare abuse "The Jersey Way" when the likes of Bowran, Garbutt, McGloglan....

    Dare not?!

  2. At last someone in the states prepared to tell the truth. Well done Sinclair. Even someone 6 months off the boat has worked out the public sector is a busted flush.

    Don't let then gag you !

  3. No s**t sherlock !

    £700m revenue spend pa by public sector
    35%increase in pensioners by 2020,big increase in health spend
    Banks leaving
    Only 1%increase in GDP for next 10yrs

    When will they admit to the next tax rise

    Modernisation ....... Get on with it