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Monday, 16 April 2012

"Bill Ogley - Ozouf Can't Comment - Why Not?"

Half million Ogley pay off questioned

Politicians are being questioned today over a £546,000 States pay off awarded to Jersey's former top civil servant, Bill Ogley.

He was paid almost half a million pounds when he quit his job as Chief Officer early in a so-called "golden handshake" in May last year.

Mr Walker defended the decision to change Mr Ogley's £219,000 contract, so he would be given the pay off if he left his post early.


  1. Do you know how long he had left on his contract? I hope that question was asked. It must have been at least 5 to get that amount of money, any less makes it even more of a mockery than it already is. Thanks Frank!!

    1. Good question anon, would be interesting to find out....

    2. Christ , I was hoping it would be common knowledge and it was just me who didnt know the answer. I would be utterly shocked if nobody bothered to ask that question today. Or maybe I wouldn't be shocked at all as its a question that requires a direct answer and they arent very forthcoming!

  2. yes frank the bat,a crucial time, crucial to the child abuse cover-up you instigated -- evil bastard

    I see slyman c-ntcroft is enjoying some nice knees up at our expense
    since turning to the dark side

  3. Yes anon, I also am very angry with Crowcroft, I too thought he was one of the few good guys when he stood by Graham Power, and against the Child Abuse Cover Up.

    Just shows you what a disgusting bunch of crooks we have claiming to represent our interests....Rotten to the core.