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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

"BBC Jersey Show The Poor What A £100 Note Will Look Like!"

Jersey hologram £100 banknotes released

"To Show Loyalty To The Crown!"

States of Jersey £100 note  
The States of Jersey had to change a 1959 law to allow it to make a £100 note available

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A £100 banknote issued by the States of Jersey including a holographic portrait of the Queen is being made available.
The image of the Queen by artist Chris Levine and holographer Rob Munday was commissioned by Jersey in 2004.
The note is being issued to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and is available to pre-order from the States of Jersey treasury.
The banknote and a £10 stamp also featuring the hologram will go on sale on 1 June.
The note will feature English, French and Jerriais words and the holographic portrait will appear as the main image and on the security strip.
Senator Philip Ozouf, Treasury Minister, said: "In order to issue a new £100 note, the States amended the existing 1959 law, which limited the maximum denomination of any currency note to £50.
"This is an appropriate way for Jersey to celebrate its loyalty to the crown."


  1. Another idea from a man?,, who must rank as one of the poorest politicians this Island has ever had to put up with in its entire history.
    He must go!......

    1. Isn't it laughable, producing 100 pound notes when we have a recession! only Ozouf could think of this one, when he has bigger issues to address, not pretty 100 pound notes that the majority of us will never own! so is Jersey with Britain, well Bailhache says we are going it alone but he continues to keep his SIR title, so another hypocrite! takes the parts he likes and spits out the rest, then we have now 100 pounds with the Queen on it, which are we? loyal to the crown or independent of the crown, yes Bailhache you need to make your own point clear,which one you think we are, because where I am right now, you as heck don't know, nor does Ozouf! thats all I have to say in the matter! I'd like someone to answer me though!

    2. Don't hold your breath though anon :)

  2. The people in Jersey do not need a 100 Pound note! That´s for sure. But this note will become a collector´s item. Collector´s all over the world are looking forward to add this nice note to their collections. Once in collector´s hands the notes will never find their way back to Jersey and the Treasury will never cash them in; so it is a nice income for the Island, isn´t it??