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"The Greatest Deception - Part 3 Of 3"

"The 'real' Game of Thrones part 2 of 2"

Indeed not Ma-am!!!

"When fear grows strong enough, it acts like another being within you. It becomes a parasite and will fight to stay alive."

Shaolin Philosophy

Here Anna provides yet more insight into our deliberately clouded history that most people can't even contemplate, let alone take in and process.

Slaves? Or Free Men and Women? The choice now is yours alone to make!

For England 3.0

What we've discovered is that all of this "mischief" is linked back to insurance and "indemnity" schemes that got started in the 1720's, when people started purchasing "bottomry bonds" on non-existent ships.

This same scheme was resurrected and applied to "Special Purpose Vehicles" on the land. 

They set up corporations and name them after living people, so as to impersonate the people, a process they call "enfranchisement". Then, they bring claims in commerce against these corporations owned and bonded by Third Parties, as if the assets belonged to the corporation, and not to the living people. These are easily recognizable as crimes of both personage and barratry against the living people.

There, in England, you have a record of the debate that went on about this scandalous abuse, the Disraeli v. Gladstone discourses, which have to be deciphered with the understanding that the argument is not actually about voting rights for labourers, but about commercial "enfranchisement" fraud upon the working classes and press-ganging of land assets. This includes false claims upon their labour assets and the ability to force conscription upon them via "military draft" as well as theft of their homes and land assets as chattel for the perpetrators to borrow against.

Queen Victoria used this method to fraudulently finance the Raj takeover of India and guaranteed Whitehall's ability to enforce this fraud and peonage against her own people in complete dereliction of her duty as a Christian Monarch.

Secondarily, these crimes against the soil and land jurisdiction open a wide pathway to promote money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, and probate fraud, all of which have been practiced against the people of the entire world, including England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

If you look into the history of any little scrap of your "fair land" you will find (I have found) up to six layers of "titles". The existence of such "titles" are solid evidence that your land and soil assets have been placed in a trust inappropriately, it turns out, without your conscious knowledge or consent, for several generations. Each layer represents a transfer of title to another "trust organization", which typically issues a new "land description" that is, a new "title" to the land when they take over as trustees.

What started out as a small village in Cornwall, and still physically is "Pennywaithe Upon the Meers" goes through a progression of new descriptions (which are titles) that are disguised as parcel numbers, street numbers, utility service districts, and on and on. As this process progresses the actual ownership of the land and soil becomes more and more clouded and the people innocently living in what they believe are homes they inherited in Cornwall, are progressively burdened down with more and more taxes while they themselves, the "presumed Donors" in this scheme, are regarded as unknown foreign tenants on their own land, and subjected to statutory laws meant to apply only to incorporated entities.

This has to be stopped and we have to sort this out in favour of the living people. It is far easier to mandate that every land owner have a Will than to continue this constructive fraud using lack of Wills as an excuse for it. There is a great deal more that goes into it, but this is the basic outline of what has gone on and regrettably, is still ongoing. The courts, especially the Maritime Courts, have been highly complicit in this, and have outrageously presumed upon the people of Britain for the past hundred years.

With the advent of the Belgian Electronic Asset Settlement and Transfer (BEAST) program, matters became even worse.

Now the same parties who secretively "took title" to our land and soil assets via processes of non-disclosed and unconscionable contracts, set up an electronic trading platform for all these False Titles purportedly owned by non-existent corporations and their vacuous Trustees, and have used these trading platforms as casinos.

In North America we have a similar system called "MERS", and when we delved into it, we found that technically, MERS hasn't existed and hasn't been the responsibility of anyone since 1997, yet titles to land are routinely submitted via MERS and transferred using this system, just as properties in Europe, Asia, and Africa are supposedly being traded and transferred by the BEAST system.

At the end of the day, it's all nothing but fraud, fraud, and more fraud. It's fraud first and foremost against the actual Landlords who are living people owed the enjoyment of their assets, and fraud against the courts being called upon to take this seriously and accept responsibility to administer the enforcement of the fraud, and finally, fraud upon all the investors who are being snookered into buying this "underwater" real estate.

Please share this with all your Barrister friends and all the Judges and Justices in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. It won't take them long to connect the dots and follow the crumbs back to Whitehall and then it remains to be seen, how, once everyone realizes the depth and breadth of the fraud, we may recoup upon it, lawfully convert everything, and everyone come out ahead in the end. We have answers for all of that, too.

For England 4.0

Well, well, well, and very well....You have just realized that your country was irreversibly conquered by William the Conqueror in 1066, and that he very methodically patented every scrap of land, and then parcelled it out to his loyal Barons making them "sovereigns in their own right" upon his death in 1087 A.D.

This created many small (and some not so small) separate kingdoms that created a patchwork across all the conquered territory. It was William's strategy to create so many "kings" in England that no British king would ever be able to cause trouble again. There was only one flaw. The Church. The Commonwealth.

The kings all made grants of land to the Church for the purpose of establishing "good works" and "productive estates" for the support of the poor, the sick, and the indigent. Most often this meant off-loading barren and unproductive land, swamps, gravel pits, barren escarpments, etc., on the Church, knowing that the Church would make use of the monks and nuns and the same paupers that came to it for help as free labour to do all the arduous bit of draining and composting and building up and tearing down and other work associated with making bad land into something worthwhile.

Also as we have seen, William decided that his son, John, should inherit no land in England, and should remain firmly under the thumb of the Crown of Gaul. This was the result of certain unfortunate character traits that John possessed and which run in the family. The name "Lacklands" attached to John and his progeny as a nickname that stuck until 1213 when John's Grandson struck a deal with Pope Innocent.

Prior to this, the Church worked for the King, now the Church would have a King working for them in England. So, "King John" became the Church's Overlord of the Commonwealth, King of the Commonwealth, not of England. Basically, a Steward for the Pope. And still not a true King of England. Likewise, "Queen Elizabeth" has served in that capacity, too, and not as any true Queen of England.

So, not only is she not British, she's not actually the Queen of your country. Any one of the Norman Barons and all their progeny still have a stronger claim to the title "King of England" and "King of Britain" than Greg Hallett, who is, once again, a descendant of King John, acting as King of the Commonwealth and an Overlord/Trustee serving the Pope.

So, if you Englishman, Scots, and Sons of Eire and Wales have a brain in your heads, you will protest this situation and rain hail and brimstone on the members of Parliament who have gone along with this undermining of your actual national governments and played footsie with Whitehall all these years, instead of taking care of your own country and people.

A determined and lawful and nationwide housecleaning and investigation into the issues raised is certainly in order. I would give Greg Hallett a nice office overlooking the Thames, but I certainly wouldn't recognize him as my king. He's just another Frenchman owing his entire put-together to the Pope, so not really a suitable substitute for a British King, and certainly not a reasonable candidate to act as the Head of the Church of England.

There is this caveat, too, that all the French Barons who became "kings in their own right" in England, remain under the command of the King of Gaul, Guilleroi de Armentrois du Lac - aka, James Clinton Belcher, who is an American. You have to laugh once you get a good look at all this. A German Queen on a "Commonwealth" throne, or worse, Chair of the Estates - versus a French Baron, albeit, over a thousand years in the country, owing fealty to the French King of Gaul, who is an American.

Right. One can only shake one's head, be grateful for the Norman Patent, because at least you have claims as Freeholders to own your own land, even if the issue of an actual British King remains at issue. There are, of course, many scions of the French Barons still living in England and more scattered around the Earth, especially in Australia. Those who are awake are aware of the late King Michael Plantagenet, and there are others, all with the same French-based lineage as "King John" without the Papist duties muddying things.

Where is Merlin when you need him? We need some sort of a big stone and a sword to pull out of it, so that the people can see who their rightful King should be....There is one other reasonable and worthy choice, affirmed by tradition, steeped in history, lineage, and Lawful Office: The Lord High Steward, John Talbot of Shrewsbury. He has every right to claim the actual throne of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, and in fact, he has done so. However, we really do need a Sword in the Stone, some kind of publicity stunt to get people focused and thinking about who and what a true King of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales would be?

First off, he'd have no conflicts of interest or duties to foreign theocracies. He'd be a thorough-going son of the British Isles, a man in love with the people and the countries of Great Britain, a love of Law, a love of the Church of England, a man with only one axe to grind, to protect and nurture and care for the land and people with fierce loyalty. Not some internationalist punk with a glib line and a big smile, even though those are far easier to come by.

It should be perfectly apparent that you've been "gulled and cullied" for a long time, lied to about the true nature and offices of those who have masqueraded as your Lawful Monarchs. What you really need is an honest man with a valid claim to the throne, someone with the moral fibre to stand up for Britain, and the courage to do so. I think you have such a one in the Earl of Shrewsbury, but you will have to elect him by Acclamation. Just like King Arthur.

Anna Von Reitz

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

"The Greatest Deception - Part 2 Of 3"

"The 'real' Game of Thrones part 1 of 2"

I wonder what it is that they are both smiling about?

It certainly won't be the truth that is written below, that's for sure!!!

No videos tonight my friends, you are actually going to have to work for your wisdom this evening. How does a spot of reading grab you?

Remember reading? It's what you used to do to find things out before you were dumbed down to the status of mere sheep.

All deaths in wars (since the Napoleonic) have been for nothing except the depopulation agenda, and to steal your Cestui Que Vie trust account, and to enhance the wealth and power of the bankers, the globalists, and the two freaks pictured above! Please remember the needless and countless deaths through WAR all over the world when you read this!

The Vatican and the House of Wettin are responsible for almost all of the pain and misery inflicted upon you for as long as you can remember.

Part one of the tale is below.

Tonight I am going to take the unusual step of telling you that I am not suicidal, not depressed, and that I am of sound mind and body and enjoying my life. Should anything happen to me or any of my loved one's over this posting, or in the future, I, we, have been targeted for exposing the truth about this vile deception! I have only ever taken this action once before, that
was when I was exposing high level paedophiles, their associates, and their odious protectors on the grubby little Island of Jersey, Channel Islands, U.K. where I stayed for 26 years.

Also, please research Anna Von Reitz, her status as a Judge, and her websites and current work to free the people from the enslavement of the parasites pictured above, amongst others of course.

Links to anna's sites are directly below.

The "Real" Game of Thrones - Part One

"When a well-packaged web of lies has been gradually sold to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and it's speaker a raving lunatic."
Dresden James

Your British history that you have never been told.

England became a de-facto German possession in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and the House of Wettin has ruled England ever since.

Victoria’s son inherited the Title to England but privately ruled as a German prince. This “tradition” has carried on through two World Wars that have decimated Germany because the House of Wettin wanted it that way.  

Both England and Germany have suffered because of this “two handed game” of the House playing off against itself. In the German communities in America it was a cause of special consternation were these fake "English" kings and queens, actually Germans, who owed their allegiance to the Kaiser and then also to Nazi Germany, sitting on the British throne, destroying both countries, and getting away with it? 

Treason on one hand, and insanity on the other.

The Vermin had hoped to get the same kind of thing going in America, by pitting the Municipal Government against the Territorial Government until it was made clear that both are ultimately controlled by the Pope. 

The House of Wettin has been draining England dry for about the same time that America has been drained dry using the same enslavement scheme. This seems to have been most recently revived by Talmudic Jews and Scottish Templar's led by Benjamin Disraeli in Britain, and Abraham Lincoln in America.  

Today the High Priestess of this literally money worshiping Cult is the Queen’s Cousin, Lady Somerset, and it’s HQ in the British Isles is Glamis Castle, in Scotland. 

In order for the people to be truly free the entire Babylonian Slave System of enfranchisement and impersonation has to be broken and both the Vatican and the House of Wettin taken down.  

It is a very tall order.

I am telling you all this so that you have a clearer view of your own more recent history and the difficulties of what we are engaged in. As has been proven by the landmark court case, "JAH vs. Regina", the present Queen served a total of three days as a Christian Monarch, before abdicating that position and occupying The Chair of the Estates, the "throne" of the Probate Court, and proceeded to have everyone in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales declared legally dead, in order to control and prey upon the estates of the victims of this con game.

The lawful people are declared "legally" dead and the further claim is made that they died intestate, without a Will, so that the Black Robed priests can come in under the guise of probate executors acting for the "government" as the presumed beneficiary and administer the assets of the estates (you are considered an asset and chattel property of your own estate).

This same thing has been done around the world, and the perpetrators have been assisted by the Roman Catholic Church and the City of Rome and the entire worldwide Municipal Government System which includes Vatican City, Rome, New York, the United Nations, Washington, DC., the Inner City of London and numerous other self-proclaimed "independent, international city-states". Most people are simply trying to find a place of safety in the midst of this bizarre situation wherein the governments that they pay to protect them are actualy preying upon them instead.

This is largely a spiritual war, one waged on paper and in the mind, but it is a war nonetheless and one must be properly prepared for that.

Awareness is Job One, and finding ways to fully inform the people and the members of Parliament about this now largely hidden and forgotten “enemy within the royal house” and the impact this has had and continues to have on England, Europe, and the rest of the world is difficult.  

The idea that a foreign (German) principality and a foreign religion have controlled the British Isles for over 150 years sounds odd if not preposterous the first time you hear it and it is anti-intuitive to think that a German principality would undermine Germany in two World Wars until you understand that what we are dealing with is a parasite. 

They siphoned everything they could from Germany even as they prepared their nest in England and America. They began the same process more recently as they prepared to sack Britain and America and move to China. It was only the discovery of their true nature and the fact that they siphoned trillions of dollars owed to both the American and Chinese People that has sent them scurrying back “home” again. 

Bear in mind that these Vermin have no true home or allegiance to anything but Mammon, their “god” which they make with their own hands, little idols made out of various materials and called by different names “dollars” and “pounds”, etc.
This foreign system sucks the life and value out of its hosts and then moves on to greener pastures, consistently. If it can’t gain a foothold in China it will try elsewhere in its search for a new host.

It’s most recent successful move was when it moved from Germany to England and America via the Bar Associations and banks in the 1840s-50s immediately after Victoria married Albert. It sat tight and bled everyone dry for 150 years, and has made an abortive attempt to “move on” to China. It’s anyone’s guess where it’s next target will be, but keep your eyes open.

It's entire modus operandi is to lie about everything, seize title to property that doesn't belong to it, use the purloined assets of others as collateral backing its own debts, impersonate the victims to leave them without legal standing to object, and when it has exhausted the credit of its victims, kill them and move on to a new host country.

England has been under the thrall of the German House of Wettin since 1840. But exactly what did the House of Wettin get in their bargain with Queen Victoria and what was the true nature of her office to begin with? Did she actually have any standing to "take title" to land in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales?

Things are getting too hot for it on a worldwide basis, rather like their beloved Coronavirus that melts at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This is information you have to take in yourselves and spread throughout your country, to the members of Parliament and to your Barristers and court officials. It isn’t until people look for it that they see it, and only at that point can something effective be done about it.

So there is a start, though not an easy answer and not something that provides much comfort at first blush.

In England, as in America, the rats “enfranchised” people and convinced them that being able to vote was a great thing without, however, disclosing the facts. 

By “registering” to vote you were pledging yourself, your labour, your property assets, and everything else to the British Crown Corporation and you were being transported, that is, trafficked, off the land and into the international jurisdiction of the sea. 

This was not a crime, only because you did it to yourself, much as one might sign up to join the Navy, and because, in theory, you could always return home, though your likelihood of doing so would be remote considering that you never knew you went anywhere or changed your political status by registering to vote in the first place. 

Having accomplished this deceit, the Crown took title to everything in the country, as bit by bit people unwittingly gave away everything including their freedom, their Good Name, and the value of their labour to the Crown. 

It was and is a white-collar rendition of press-ganging, which has been outlawed for 200 years and it has had the same desired result: de facto enslavement of landsmen and their transport to the international jurisdiction of the sea.

Needless to say, all your land assets were seized upon as collateral for the Crown to borrow against. The first wave paid to support the Raj in India. This process of enslaving one people to finance violence and theft against another is typical, and has been followed throughout the history of this “religion”.

Ultimately, your claim to land in England pertains to your own body owning it as a free man or woman, not a “human” or someone under some condition of “personhood”. Thus, a man born in Warwick is called a Warwickshire-man and comes from Warwick County.

The shire system pre-dated the County system and doesn't necessarily follow the same geographic boundaries, but the important point is that actual "states" whether you call them "states" or "shires" or "counties" or "parishes" have physical boundaries and counties have physical boundaries. This is the level of government where actual living people exist and move and have meaning. It's also the source of English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh sovereignty.

When they start talking about "districts" and 'boroughs" you have entered the Land of Nod, where only corporations and other denizens and officers and "persons" "reside" on a temporary basis. These are international and global jurisdictions that contain absolutely no living people at all.

Such "Legal Persons" occupy "Offices of Personhood" they are public employees, members of the Merchant Marine and military services, or "Volunteers" adjunct to these services (that's how most of you are "qualified" as "unpaid volunteers" known as British Citizens, and/or as Paupers working for or dependent upon the Commonwealth) and their dependents, vagrants, wards of state, political asylum seekers, and so on.

One of the immediate effects of declaring everyone's Proper Name "legally dead" is to traffic you and your estates into the realm of the dead, which is precisely where these Mammon-worshiping Baalists want you and your estate: dead and intestate, so that they can use you and your assets however they see fit.

Quite a magic trick, isn't it? But it's still based on fraud, deceit, breach of trust, and other crimes too numerous to list here.

So you have a choice, there as here. Do you wish to function as one of the people of England, and as a Lawful Person? Or do you wish to cash it all in and slave away as an unpaid volunteer, a Legal Person aboard the HMS prison ship known as the British Crown Corporation? Or as another kind of Legal PERSON presumed to be a Pauper and a Ward of the State of the British Commonwealth?

Men and women are people. Our Good and Proper Lawful Names are Lawful Persons called People. The People owe a citizenship obligation to their County, which is a State Member of your country, called England. 

Coats of Arms show the threads of family identity and feudal obligations that a family may have to the King and Crown to pay taxes and provide resources and fight in defence of the County and/or Country, so are a two-edged sword. 

Ultimate claim to land as a non-real estate holding (“real” means “royal” - which makes you a tenant of the Queen, not a Freeholder) in England goes back to the Norman Conquest and the Norman Land Patent established by William the Conqueror.

I must digress and teach you that an earlier French claim of a quite different nature also exists, and ironically, it is upon this earlier French claim that your lives, safety, and land and soil claims depend.

All land patents in England are derived from the Norman Land Patent, except for the lands granted by William to the Church for Commonwealth purposes. This one exception, the Church Commonwealth land is extremely important, and is the source of your entire dilemma, so flag that thought and keep the existence of that one exception to The Norman Settlement firmly in mind going forward.

The rest of the land was divided up upon William’s death among his elder sons and senior Barons, who were declared “kings in their own right” in England. This is not the same as being "The King" of England. There has never been a king of England who could claim to be The King of England since King Harold, or arguably, his Predecessor, Edward the Confessor, and that circumstance is entirely by design.

William meant to kill off even the possibility of a true Monarchy being re-established in England. He meant to permanently disable England in that regard and leave his own bloodlines in France unencumbered as the Kings of Gaul, which he did.

He did this by first conducting an unprecedented and exhaustive survey of everything and everyone in the area subject to his conquest, and claiming it down to the last duck. Next, he established Sovereign Letters Patent, making his absolute possession and ownership "manifest" in the sense of a ship's manifest, locking down the international legalities and doing such a thorough job of it, that his "Norman Patent" still stands.

Next, upon his death, the land and soil assets were parcelled out into principalities and granted, permanently, to his Barons as sovereigns in their own right. In effect, William created many kings of England, all of them under Feudal Oath to him in France. This is the basis of the Norman "Barons" power to issue the Magna Carta; they weren't acting as mere barons in England. In England, they held their own land and soil and sovereignty as kings.

Ironically, in this dark age and hour, having been thoroughly and officially conquered by the Norman French 800 years prior to the arrival of the German Interlopers, is your salvation. You are Freeholders of these Norman-French Kingdoms and are not subjects of the Commonwealth nor, so long as you are breathing and standing in your proper political status, are you subjects of Elizabeth II sitting on her Chair of the Estates.

You, most of you, truly are the Inheritors of The Magna Carta. So each Norman bequest is a Kingdom and you as Freeholders are Lawful Inheritors under the provisions of The Magna Carta, depending on where you were born. This is where the evidence of the Birth Certificate comes in, and the two-edged sword mentioned earlier.

The Birth Certificate shows where, and to whom you were born. It also shows that you were knowingly or unknowingly pledged as living chattel to the British Crown by your Mother, acting under conditions of non-disclosure. 

Viewed from one standpoint, the Birth Certificate is evidence that you were donated to the Crown as an unwanted baby and a ward of the State. Viewed from another standpoint, it is evidence of crime committed against you. 

From the first standpoint, you were pledged as collateral backing the British Crown from the cradle onward, which makes you at best an indentured servant, and gives rise to the legal presumption that you are not and cannot be a landlord, only a tenant, obligated to act as a property caretaker under the feudal Commonwealth system of the Church overseen by King John’s progeny. 

From the second standpoint, you are a landsman, a Freeholder and Landlord who has suffered identity theft and was unlawfully disinherited and defrauded and mistaken for a Pauper. 

Which is it?

The Queen, as King John’s Heir owns no land under the Norman Patent. All “real estate” is being claimed as Commonwealth property granted to the Church by all of you very generous “presumed” Donors. The Queen is then holding the Legal Title to your land and the Pope is holding the Beneficial Title and both are pretending that you are the Donor of this trust property, “lost at sea”. 

They are using this institutionalized fraud scheme to enrich themselves, reduce you to slavery, and evade the requirements of the Magna Carta similar to what they have done in America to evade their obligations under the Constitutions. 

Rather than try to overcome these venerable protections that are owed to you, they have instead schemed to “redefine” you as someone else, a “person” “voluntarily” inhabiting a foreign jurisdiction (the sea) and subjecting yourself to the Law of the Sea and owed no consideration under the Law of the Land.

Now that this scheme and its primary mechanisms, the Birth Certificate Registration and the Voter Registration are exposed, you can see the logic of the legal snares being held against you. 

This is an old and institutionalized fraud scheme.  Many politicians, judges, and lawyers stare at us and say, “But, but, this is the way we do it, this is the way it’s always been done...” because, of course, they have grown up in this system and known no other. And despite the gradually accumulating mountains of evidence, individuals and small groups of power-mongers continue to resist the inevitable denouement.

More and more Bar Attorneys are waking up, and either through dread of the penalties for what has been done, or in earnest outrage, are joining the effort. More politicians are suffering what one of them described as the, “Oh, My God!” Moment.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Government under Pope Francis might be somewhat alarmed, but in fact you are owed the Law of the Land and any attempt to resist your action reclaiming both your Divine and Land Estate would result in involuntary servitude and theft in Breach of Trust. 

Hardly the sort of thing that either the Pope or the Queen wish to be accused of.

We’ve laid out the basic history and “logos” of the thing. You should have your own government back doing what it is supposed to do, protecting you and your assets instead of acting as a parasite and a threat.

We heartily wish that, and freedom, for you and everyone on this earth.

Anna Von Reitz

Saturday, 30 May 2020

"The Greatest Deception - Part 1 Of 3"

"What You Can Do About What Is Happening"

"Let those who would be deceived, be deceived"
Maxim of Law

Came across this video tonight just as I was about to start my two parter entitled "The Greatest Deception" which is now going to be a three parter!

After watching it, I felt that this video was the perfect beginning to what is going to end up a blockbuster series that will probably go a long way past three parts.

Parts two and three will absolutely blow your minds but let us get into the swing of things with part one.

You are not (almost all of you) ready for part two and three yet....

There's more to the Global Pandemic, that has put the world into Lock-Down, than meets the eye... Crashing the world's economies, curtailing rights and freedoms, and the massive social problems that this Lock-Down has caused - manifesting in huge rises in Domestic Violence, Depression and suicides. Is this Plandemic a deliberate Power-Grab by the shadowy groups that control this world? Has it been in the making for hundred of years? Do the Satanists show us in plain sight through mass-media, the arts and cinema what they have in store for us? Chellemia discusses these topics, and tries to help people to perhaps get a different perspective on what's taking place and offers possible paths that might ultimately free us from the tyranny that looms ever closer.

New Horizons EXTRA

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

"Murder By Proxy"

"Congratulations, You Finally Did It To Yourselves"

"If a man lives, it is of certainty he will die. Therefore, it is foolish to think of death as if he were a foe to be vanquished. He will come when he will come."

Well, what can I say?

You have destroyed your own lives, your childrens lives, and everybody else's lives by not waking up, by not acting when some of you did wake up, and by watching that fucking Tell-Lie-Vision instead of engaging in critical thinking.

And now you are going to pay the price for your idiocy, your cowardice, and your utter ineptitude and contempt for your fellow men and women.


There is one set of arseholes that you can blame, other than yourselves of course, and that is the (OFI's) Order Following Idiots that are the Police. Rest assured though, they will be right behind you when entering your eternity of serfdom to the Globalists.

Enjoy your slavery you COV-IDiots....

Links are below the video if you can be bothered! BitCute MeWe Hive Twitter @maxigan LinkedIn LBRY Minds Support The Crowhouse: Crypto-currencies: Bitcoin: 1F6bEEsJHZZhHeT4fmN9iQCwF1Yqu5UZSD Monero: 47aohp7p1Ci7uU44NqgpezLVG7uxCuo1dSwGBYv935aVDPw9MSeEwksey5MJRyBU7jQfHtPjcTN5b2zo29MXnpzu7h751cB Health Passport Scandal UK: The Corbett Report - Meet Bill Gates: While the World is on Lockdown, Israel is Business as Usual:  Lockdowns Made NO Difference to Coronavirus but Destroyed Millions of Livelihoods Worldwide: California Doctors Say They Have Seen 'a Years Worth of Suicides' in The Last Month: Can I Still Go Camping in Light of Coronavirus? Media Stooges Slip Up. Calls the New Normal the New World Order on live TV: The Royal Australian Mint - Cash Usage Regarding COVID-19: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - 200 Years Together pdf: "The illusion of freedom will continue for as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will take down the scenery, move the tables and chairs out of the way, then they will pull back the curtains and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater." - Frank Zappa "A single person who stops lying can bring down a tyranny" Alexandr Solzhenitsyn #ArrestScottMorrisonForTreason THROW AWAY YOUR SMART PHONE!!!

"How To Talk To Peace Officers About The Law - Part 2"

"How To Stay Free From Corporate Cops"

Police Officer/Peace Officer, is there a difference?

CONSTABLES are the true Peace Men, not the Police/Policy-Men!

Below is our second encounter with the Devonshire & Cornwall Police.

Below that is an excellent presentation from the superb Larken Rose.

Watch and learn....



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Sunday, 17 May 2020

"Evidence For The COV-IDiots"

"A Conversation With Dr Andrew Kaufman"

Learn below how you have been lied to and suckered in! If you didn't listen to the bullshit from the Main Stream Media then life would be just the same as it was before the bullshit.

Smash your Tell-Lie-Vision with a lump hammer and then you can start living again instead of being programmed by programmes from programme makers!!!

Isn't it odd how Covid 19 and Coronavirus appear and disappear at the will and behest of Govern-ment?

Govern-ment says you can all go out now, so suddenly these germs/viruses decide to comply with Govern-ment and all disappear for the time being. Then when phase two comes in a few weeks or months time, suddenly the viruses will reappear again as they did at the outset of this hoax after all patents and time lines were in place?

Wake up COV-IDiots. REASON!!!


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An audio copy of Dr Kaufman's interview with Max Igan is at the foot of the posting just in case the actual video goes walkabout!!!


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