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Monday, 5 February 2018

"It's The Jeeewwws!!!"

"Excellent Piece By The Remarkable
Larken Rose"

A video about Jews, anti-Semitism, pack-mentality, muddled thinking, and the annoying "chosen people" mindset that has plagued all sort of races, religions, cultures and nations--White, Black, Jew, Christian, Muslim, American, German, Russian, etc.--and with a twist at the end about the hypocrisy of "white nationalists."

(Corrections: Of course, contrary to what I said, Deuteronomy 13 doesn't literally talk about killing anyone who isn't "Christian"; there wasn't such a thing back then. It did, however, talk about killing anyone who worshipped other gods, and as part of the Bible, that means not worshipping what is NOW considered to be the Christian God.)

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