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Sunday, 3 December 2017

"The Aethereal Battle For Heaven And Earth Part 2"

"Is 666 Really The Mark Of The Beast?"

BE DECEIVED NO MORE THE SYMBOL YAHUCHANAN (JOHN) SAW WAS NOT “666” THIS IS THE SYMBOL HE SAW: χξϛ As you will start to see, “666” has NOTHING to do with the REAL “Mark of the Beast,” nor does the RFID Chip — IT’S ALL ONE GREAT BIG MENTAL PSY-OP. So if this is the case, then just WHAT is the "Mark of the Beast?” What is the HISTORY behind this “Mark?” And in order to understand this “Mark,” we must first see the Mark of YAH, the Restored Hebrew NAME of Our Creator (SEE Tahalliym/Psalms 68:4 — KJV). Once we are able to understand and distinguish these Two “Marks” (The Mark of YAH and the Mark of the Beast), then we can uncover the hidden history behind the First Beast of Revelation 13 — history that has been purposefully hidden, suppressed, and stripped away from you all this time: histories, inquisitions, and mind-boggling tortures that are almost too appalling and unbelievable to believe. So What Is The REAL Mark Of The Beast Then?!?! THE TRUTH REVEALED SEEK YAHUAH AND HIS TRUE SON YAHUSHA

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  1. Sorry folks but I forgot to put up the second video, however, it is now above so please enjoy.