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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

"The World Of The Feminist Freak-Assed Crackpot"

"Daniel Bostock Plays A Blinder - Two Vids Too Tickle You, But To Make You Think"

This was rather comedial too me an hour ago when I first viewed it, but on reflection, and with the knowledge I have about modern day society, it is really not as funny as I first imagined.

You see, the NWO (new world order) has been poisoning our food, water and air for absolutely decades to bring about this exact society, a herd of dumb stupid idiotic unthinking conformist drones, fucking fluoride took care of that one.

Estrogen mimickers (endocrine disruptors) which are also in the water and food, are turning young men into foo foo fucking pansies, and women into hard nosed carpet muncher's which is all part of the depopulation agenda. Is it any wonder the world is absolutely fucked?

When I was a teenager we used to pinch girls bums to get their attention, it was a simple and harmless sign that we fancied them! Now you can get fucking jailed for it!!!!!

When my generation has departed this realm, who will teach the youth that this fucked up shit just isn't the way life's always been? Life was good and wholesome a few decades back, people did the right stuff. There were things like honour, discretion, kindness, forgiveness, assistance, love, peace and, oh yeah, FUN.

The first vid is a bit of fun on my part, the second vid is a rather stark wake up call to humanity. Women in Nottingham complaining to police that a man has smiled and winked at them? These bitches really need to get some neurological treatment, and rather quickly.

Next, the fucking Mona Lisa will be claiming that she's a fucking bloke!

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