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Friday, 5 August 2016

"A Tribute In Song To One Of The UK's Leading Lights Against Child Abuse"

"You Know Who You Are My Good Friend :)"

Music is the only thing that binds all of humanity together, it is the only common love that we all share, it is our healer and our future, it is, the Universal language....


  1. Still up late writing shite Ian.
    How's that dodgy ticker then, he he?

  2. "he he?" Is actually spelt (Hee Hee) you thick fuckwit, but there we go, no accounting for Jersey born imbeciles hey? Thank you for your input Jon, you are now banned from commenting on here for another whole year starting today. And I must say, with your nonsensical trite shyte, you're really not making any friends. I simply put up a posting with decent tunes that empower child abuse victims, and which tunes are favourites of a very good friend of mine who had suffered the most vile abuse since being 6 months old.

    You, Jon Sharrock Haworth, 3 days ago, decided to trample this poor unfortunate victim into the dirt by mocking that suffering to try to get to me! Well, you failed miserably ringwipe!!!

    And as for the dodgy ticker, there is nothing dodgy about it, it is beating beautifully in harmony with nature, and with the strength of the Lion it was instilled in to begin with.

    See you in another year shithead, but hopefully you shall cease to exist by then!!! Keeping everything crossed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Here's a link to what the "jersey policy men" did to me, has it changed anything numb nut's?

    And just for good measure, here's ANOTHER link to the more juvenile side of jersey life, if you get my meaning you paedo sponsor....

    The more you insult me Haworth, the more I shall revisit old postings that expose the "UTTER LOVE OF CHILDREN" in jersey!!!

  3. Ian, only a word of advice.
    Laws have changed in Jersey and you can be sent to prison, get an unlimited fine or both for hate posts like this.
    Don't be a fool mate.

    1. "Ian, only a word of advice.
      Laws have changed in Jersey and you can be sent to prison, get an unlimited fine or both for hate posts like this. Don't be a fool mate."

      Oh!!! Thanks anon for your most caring advice, I shall treasure it!!! PMSL.

      Has Haworth-less gotten the "E-mail thief" Deputy Sean Power, to write this for him because Haworth-less cannot spell? Or was this perhaps the work of an ex-car salesman, the utter scrote known as Terry "the fraudster" Le Maine?

      I don't live "In Jersey", or "on jersey" dickhead, so there is NO JURISDICTION ISSUE....

      You describe my comment as "hate posts like this" yet you profess to be my friend, giving advice like "don't be a fool mate" and then you expect me to believe that you are looking out for my best interests?

      This fraudulent commenting is nothing more than the cheap theatrics of an even cheaper governance, and A list of trolls like Haworth-less that operate 24-7 for their social security money!!!

      Re-read the comment that I made above shithead, there is absolutely no hatred in it whatsoever. Simply love for a friend of the highest calibre who suffered immensely through their childhood to help protect other family members from the same fate!

      Perhaps the very few in jersey with the slightest ounce of grey matter will apply the points I have made here to other blogs, and especially their comment sections, so that the jersey sheeple will now know how to re-cognise when they are getting turded over by trolls in the comment sections on citizens media blogs.

      Wake the fuck up retards!!!

  4. Cut the catcrap, go out and kill Howarth, 5 years you've been turfing out these childish 'I'm going to get you' threats and it's shite. You sound like a big kid in the playground. You're fucking boring Evans, BORING, Howarth laughs so go and stab the cunt, kill his family as well, do it, be the big man you think you are you worthless piece of pig cummed cunt.

    1. Aaaah, now this is Haworth-less in his true form. He knows he has been rumbled with the other government tit that was stupid enough to associate with his diatribe, and now the drunken defensive inevitable.

      UTTER words of drunken piss coming from the same drunken shit, your barred for life from the comment section on both of my blogs you fat, limping, interbred jersey bean!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You are fucking nuts.
    See a doctor and get help.

    1. I think that your just upset that I no longer live on the paedophile isle of jersey, all those new laws, sorry, statutes, and all for absolutely nothing hey jon? You must be devastated my fat dirty drunken little limping buddy xxx

  6. Ian,

    Dont let those nasty duckers get you down. Your website is awesome ;)