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Friday, 1 July 2016

"Humanity v's Insanity"

"What The Sheep Don't Know About BRexit"

Here are three videos for those of you who still don't know or understand what is really going on with the BRexit fraud.

The amount of people who still remain ignorant to the workings of the world around them is breathtaking, these vids are a good representation of most of the facts.

As always, don't believe a word, but do your own research. There are labels in red to click on at the foot of the posting to guide you in the right direction. AGENDA 21 and AGENDA 2030 are key to understanding the globalists agenda....

Published on 28 Jun 2016
with Mel Kelly & Brian Gerrish

On 24th June 2016, precisely 7 years, 7 months, 7weeks, & 7 days after the Global Financial Collapse of 29th September 2008, it was announced that the population of the United Kingdom had voted by 52/48% to LEAVE the EU ... but is this all part of the plan to bring about the FINAL DESTRUCTION of ALL European Nation States? Was this the event that Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the IMF, was alluding to in her infamous 'Magic Sevens' speech at the National Press Club in Washington DC on 15th January 2014?

Christine Lagarde and 'Magic Sevens' : 

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