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Saturday, 30 July 2016

"Fuck Me - Perhaps We Should Just Go Back To Fucking Farming To Survive Hey Peeps?"

"What An Utter Complete Cunt Technology Has Panned Out To Be!"

And why? All because that technology fell into the wrong hands!!!

Published on 29 Jul 2016
You think about securing your laptop, but what about your desk phone, monitor, or printer?

In the second episode of Can I Hack It?, made possible by Mr Robot on Amazon Prime, white hat hacker Ang Cui demonstrates hacks on “embedded devices”—objects that contain computing systems but that you wouldn’t necessarily think of as computers.

At his office in New York, Cui shows us how he can turn an office phone or printer into a bugging device using a piece of malware he calls “funtenna.” This exploit makes the equipment transmit data over radio frequencies so it can be picked up by an antenna—without the hacker ever having to go near the device.

It’s a pretty high-level hack, but as Cui says, if he’s thought of it, you can imagine someone else has.

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