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Thursday, 23 June 2016

"The EU Scam In Memes"

"When Will The Sheep Realise That It's All A Globalist Run Game?"

Do you people really think that voting is going to change anything?

"THEY" decided a long time ago what was going too happen in this vote, this Referen-DUM, as I like to call it!!!

All you are being given is the illusion that you have a choice, a vote, and a say in your future....It's the same in America, and every other country on this earth for God's sake. Wake up to what you already know!!!

Do you really trust the word of a man who has had sex with a dead pig's head? This sick twisted degenerate pig fucker should be in jail, and not running a country.

If the alleged "leave option" is reached, do you not think that this is really what "THEY" wanted in the first instance? Ever heard of a double bluff?

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