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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

"For Those With EyezOpenWyde"

"An Interesting Little Compilation"

Human Consciousness And The Reality Of True Potential


  1. Well Ian, let me tell you there is NOTHING WRONG with Society (giggle!)As i wake up, i'm watching the news, and of course looking forward to reading the daily fail.
    I must admit to having had a tough week at work, a bit of a sore head today thanks to drinking the Queens Alcohol and smoking her healthful cigarettes(lol!), but it's good to support the Queens country and all their little schemes to keep us on the preverbial money go round, you know out of harms way of finding out stuff that would make us sad. So as i said, there is nothing wrong with Society, hic!, and thank you to the Government for making sure i don't have the time or energy to find out otherwise(haha)

    1. jester, I think you should start your own blog dude/lady, you are well awake and functioning, another sheep who metamorphosed into a shepherd....

      Thank you for your support and comments, and I hope that continues, but you really need to be doing what I am doing, YOU ARE FULLY QUALIFIED!!!

    2. Thank you Ian. I am a 'dude', by the way.

      I find your blog both highly informative, and very entertaining. Actually, i have tried to start up my own alternative blog, to concentrate on the finer details of Humanity, but have failed miserably thanks to my lack of computer skills!

      No doubt i will work on it when i have the free time to do so. It will be something i do later on.

      Now please excuse me , as i must watch some re runs of 'Oscar Puffin', before eating my fish and chips, then reading an interesting local paper (rotfl!)