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Sunday, 24 April 2016

"This Tale Reminds Me Of The Jersey, Channel Island, Police Force"

"A Shower Of Gutless, Lying, Bullying Shit!!!"

In my humble, but experienced opinion, the SOJP (states of jersey police) are the worst of the worst when it comes to the worlds fascist police forces.

These cretinous shit will beat you, charge you, lie under oath against you, incarcerate you, then torment you until you die, and simply because they can act this way with no ramifications for their actions.

The video by Larken Rose below demonstrates what happens in "EVERY" country, the video also tells us what we can do about these gutless cocksuckers....

STAND TO-fucking-GETHER!!!

Published on 22 Apr 2016
Bullying, assault, abuse, lies and cover-up, followed by blaming and attacking the victim—that is the status quo for modern police. The mistreatment of Cheryl Yurkowski at the hands of the police in Lindsay, Ontario (Canada), and now their ongoing attempts to cage her for having tried to defend herself and her child from their thuggery, gives another real world example of the sadism and cowardice of “law enforcement.” The head of the gang that employs the thugs responsible for assaulting and terrorizing Cheryl can be reached here:

Police Chief John Hagarty

Kawartha Lakes Police
6 Victoria Avenue N
Lindsay, Ontario K9V 4E5

And can be reached by phone at: 1 705 324 5252

A suggestion: Whether you remain silent about the oppression of others should be based upon whether you want others to remain silent when it happens to you!!!

Below is my response to Police Chief J Hagarty, (left click on the pic to read it) and the proof that said response was sent....Below that is the video of the case in question.



  1. Poor poor you.

  2. Hee Hee, "Poor poor you."

    Well, that comment certainly wasn't from paedophile supporter, cop kiss arse, and general poop sucker of the establishment, the alcoholic retard Jon Sharrock Haworth, was it? I know this because Haworth is incapable of stringing 3 words together with the correct punctuation, even when 2 of the 3 words are identical....Nope, I am more inclined to believe that this pitiful crap came from EX-friend Cyril (the bullshit) Squirrel.

    Anyhoo, back to the crux of the comment. NO, it is not poor poor me, I have thrived from the abuse I endured for 26 years at the hands of the local gestapo, the cowards at the law society, the shithouse politico's who do fuck all to raise their voices against their masters, and the outright fucking criminals who run the administrative tribunals that they hoodwink the local idiots into thinking are "Courts of Law".

    The more YOU collective assholes beat me, fined me, imprisoned me, and wrecked my livelihood and health, the more I have learned.

    AND I WILL come back to piss on your chips, so to speak. A lot of people gave me a lot of information on the high ranking scum of Jersey, including photo's and documents of top inbred jersey collaborators during and after the war.

    I forgive all the sadistic shit and filth in jersey for what they have done to me, and many others over the years. "Welcome to the karma café, you Will BE SERVED WHAT YOU DESERVE"....

  3. Wow.

    I am sorry to hear what you have endured, Ian.

    I guess all of this is all nicely summed up in a video you posted about 'order followers'?