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Sunday, 10 April 2016

"Say Goodbye To Your Cash Dickhead's - You Were All Warned That Biometrics Was Coming"

"2020 Tokyo Olympics!!!"

There will be "NO" 2020 Olympics in Japan in 2020....Why? Because everyone in Japan will be dead by 2020....Why? It's called Caesium 137....

Caesium-137 (137
, Cs-137), cesium-137, or radiocaesium, is a radioactive isotope of caesium which is formed as one of the more common fission products by the nuclear fission of uranium-235 and other fissionable isotopes in nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. It is among the most problematic of the short-to-medium-lifetime fission products because it easily moves and spreads in nature due to the high water solubility of caesium's most common chemical compounds, which are salts.

In other words, it spreads like wildfire and attaches itself to anything containing salts and minerals. Half of America is already well over the safe limit for Caesium 137, and sadly now, those states are uninhabitable yet your sharing caring Government hasn't told you....Right?

Virtually all life in the Pacific is either dying, or dead. Exactly what is it that makes the NWO think everything is going to be fine and dandy in 2020? And that there is actually going to be an attendance in Japan in 2020 to push their NWO agenda of RFID & Biometrics???


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