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Friday, 29 April 2016

"Jersey Child Rapist 'James Giles' Found Dead In Prison"

"What Goes Around Comes Around - Karma Restores Justice, Always"

I can't believe I missed this one 3 weeks ago, but hey, I have washed my hands of that filthy grubby little shit hole known as Jersey.

I did however, a few years ago, spend a lot of time researching this disgusting animal in much detail. I had many permissions from alleged victims parents to post what they told me about Giles, and to use the names if necessary. In one of my postings I explained that I simply couldn't use those names, and I am so glad now for my 'rare' self restraint in this particular field.

After hearing from 5 or 6 different families in Jersey about the allegations levelled against Giles, the focus quickly shifted from the victims to the SOJP (States Of Jersey Police) who did very little, or absolutely fuck all about any of these complaints according to the victims parents.

It took the horrific rape of a five year old in Yorkshire (reported as under 13) to finally put an end to this monster, and his extra curricula activities.

As of Wednesday, the 6th of April 2016, the world is a very slightly safer place for innocent defenceless children, not least Jersey, who's cops did sweet fuck all but compound the problem of child abuse through their inaction and corruption.

Yet again, STATES OF JERSEY POLICE, hold your fucking heads in shame you despicable bunch of odious filth!!!

Details can be found at the link below, or in the "labels" section at the foot of the posting....

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