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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

"Between The Eyes Of Moloch - The Eye Of Horus"

"The Missing 28 Pages Of The 9/11 Commission - Do You See The Owl?"

Do you see it now?

Or now, on the one dollar bill?

Or now?

Please see the video by Dahboo 777 below, then, to really understand sacred geometry and the deceptions that accompany it, see the video below that. All will be answered for those with the desire to know.

Published on 12 Apr 2016
Underneath the visitors’ center in the United States Capitol is a secure room where the House Intelligence Committee stores highly classified files. In that room is a file titled “Finding, Discussion and Narrative Regarding Certain Sensitive National Security Matters.” It is twenty-eight pages long and it contains apparently damning information on the events leading up to the attacks on 9/11.“Those twenty-eight pages tell a story that has been completely removed from the 9/11 Report,” said Democratic Congressman Stephen Lynch back in 2014. It has been well-known by informed Americans that Lynch, read the “stunning” documents, and claimed they “offer[ed] direct evidence of complicity on the part of certain Saudi individuals and entities.” However, the 28-pages have been conveniently avoided by those in the mainstream media — until now.

Sorry about the labels at the foot of the posting as many I have tried to put up, are missing!!! No doubt Google has removed them to stop people linking to my many other postings on this subject....However, you are free to do your own research, for now that is!

Try using as a secure search engine to find the real truth about the lies and bullshit we are fed by globalist owned corporations like Google, YouTube and Facebook. Hell, perhaps we can put these scum out of business eventually?

Please watch the whole video below, even if you have to do it in small increments!

Uploaded on 6 Feb 2012
This is a documentry on sacred geometry and the hidden meanings encoded within buildings and city layouts. The secret society known as the Freemasons for centurys has used the knowledge of the ancient world to speak to one another through mathmatical formulations called sacred geometry. Watch and be astounded as this is de-coded before your eyes, and gain an understanding of this knowledge for yourself!

Created by Scott Onstott. Learn more at:

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