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Friday, 11 March 2016

"WTF Is Wrong With Australian People?"

"Why Is This Psycho NOT Being Charged With Genocide?"

Jill Hennessy
Published on 9 Mar 2016
A health minister in Australia just said the most idiotic thing ever uttered about vaccines, claiming they have ZERO risks!
The medical illiteracy of bureacrats is astonishing! These ignorant, anti-science quacks then use their positions of power to propagandise the public into injecting their children with vaccines that cause autism, comas, seizures and sometimes even death.
Here's my video response to Australia's idiotic public officials (who are just like America's idiotic public officials) that now represent a very real risk to public health and safety.
Learn more at


Alas, another child murdering politico, this time in Australia. When are the sheep going to rise up and have these monsters removed from office for Breach of Contract?

Don't know how to do this?

Max Igan explains how it's done at the link below.


  1. Some reasonable points, however not everyone reads newspapers or believes everything they see on TV. All that people need to do is take time out to question things on their own basis.
    Some people in the UK will vaccinate, others won't. i don't believe we are compulsory yet, apart from the need of travel requirements. People can choose to be couch potatoes and wear crap clothes to make themselves look and feel crap. People can also choose to buy cool clothes at the similar price and get active doing whatever activity they choose. They can eat to feel and look healthy or look and feel shit. People can choose to look like a celebrity or they can choose to be themselves.

    It's simply about choice.

    1. Yup...."Men must be free to pursue whatever they wish - even to their own death."

    2. Yes.

      One thing for certain is knowing we will all die, at some point. Until there comes a point whereby we are 'forced to vaccinate', we can research the matter and say yes or no to it.

      Yes, many people do not research stuff and blindly live 'like everyone else does', blindly following celebrities, believing everything the media says, working themselves to death in jobs that destroy the planet, etc.

      But we are not all fools, and those who maketh the effort to understand the realities at work, are the ones who choseth to surviveth thy matrix!

      We can in fact know the shit that's happening, and be wise to it, but we don't need spoonfeeding either. I think many of these theorists have valid points to make, however they do make themselves objects of ridicule when they posture with voices as they do, and analyse a few words taken out of context. Funny cos i like what Max Igan says, and most of what Eric Dubay says, apart from some recent stuff of his which is perhaps scraping the barrel a bit. Funnily even these theorists don't like my responses and fail to post them, and even don't seem to like each other. Interesting stuff.

  2. Never thought it would happen ?

    Philip Ozouf gets owned live on the BBC by phone in member of the public. - Time 03.34.20

  3. Thanks for that link. Yes that interview was actually quite funny.


  4. Ozouf going quickly off subject, he can talk the talk but no researched detail or decent answers. Well done Ian for putting this up, the emperor wears no clothes, and has little brain, just a load of bullshit from a third rate politician.

  5. I'm not really into Politics because it seems that there are no clear cut direct and honest answers. It has always seemed to be all spin that's directed to protecting the agenda that 'they' are aligned with, regardless of what the public really want/need.