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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

"Two More Dead Doctors - One In Britain This Time"

"Autism - Dead Doctors - Cancer - Big Pharma - Government Lies & Nagalase"

Dr 1

Published on 21 Mar 2016
We are sorry to say that yet another cancer researcher/doctor has been found dead. This young man was in the UK (as were a few others we reported on in recent weeks)
Despite being found dead in a field by a passerby and the fact that the autopsy was inconclusive- the death is not being treated as suspicious. This comes as no surprise as many found dead are ruled out as suspicious right away- (including one UK researcher found hanging in a tree in a rubber suit)
We’ve actually traveled through this area and it’s a beautiful quiet countryside that is one of the safest places I can think of. I have family in the UK and Europe and have been in this region more than once without incident.

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Dr 2

Published on 26 Mar 2016
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It saddens me to break this tragic news to my readers.

I actually met Dr Han when I lived in Southern California. I was just back there speaking three days ago for a holistic doctor event.

Dr. Weidong Henry Han, 57, his wife, Huijie Yu, 29; and their daughter, Emily Han, 5, were found dead Wednesday in their home in the 4600 block of Greenhill Way.

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