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Sunday, 28 February 2016

"Obama & Trump Decoded - As Above So Below"

"Voting Means NO CHANGE"

Below the video is a rather interesting link to a posting I did on the futility of voting, please check it out and wise up people.


Published on 25 Feb 2016
So - Is there really a difference in Presidential Candidates? 
You Decide.


  1. Looks like you'll be fucked then.

  2. Me? Fucked?

    I don't think so, I have already prepared for the coming collapse of society world wide, I rather think that it is idiots like "YOU" that are fucked. Just for starters, what provisions do you have when "THEY" close the supermarkets?

    But seriosle!!! I enjoyed your lame-arsed link, it gave me another glimpse of that (wing nut) idiot Beachy. What Jersey imbeciles like yourself fail to realise is that when the blogs are finally closed down, and they will be, where are fuckwits like "YOU" going to get the truth from?

    Visually, Jersey is beautiful. Take the visual beauty out of the equation and Jersaaay is nothing but a cesspool of liars, cheats, thieves, backstabbers, money launderers, criminals and child fuckers!!! And of course, the home of a certain piece of shit named Jon Sharrock Haworth who's brother is an ex cop, all thanks to the good cop Lenny Harper :)

    To be frank with you anon, or should I just call you Jon? I couldn't give a flying fuck about jersey, or their planned suppression of the internet, it's already happening world wide you fucking bell end!!!

    Chris Beachy has about as much clout in the known Universe as the demented Bailhache Bros, King Birt, and the Queen of England, whom by my reckoning died a few months back. SO....Take your shitty comments, your piss poor attitude, your obvious love for bent cops and authority, and go and take a long walk off a short pier with an anchor tied around your neck....St Catherine's would be ideal!!! :)

  3. ROTFL!!

    I don't understand why 'anon' posted that link, Ian, because as far as i know it doesn't concern you because you're a thoroughly decent chap who simply posts links and makes reasonable comments about certain subjects that are simply fair reflections of the truth.

    Obviously 'anon' should realise that this proposed bill is more to do with the likes of certain people who purposely troll others for sad kicks. Such people are already known, so it is them who should probably watch what they say in the future.

    Also it is probably more likely to be a bill which concerns the activities on more mainstreamed social media sites like facebook and twitter, rather than 'niche' sites like these blogger types i would have assumed.

    Whatever, i think Ian is the last person to need to be concerned.