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Thursday, 4 February 2016

"Modern Medicine Is Engineered Genocide"

"Slow kill Is Becoming Too Slow"

Modern medicine is a system of "engineered genocide" that's literally designed to reduce the human population, says a scientist.

Vaccines and pharmaceuticals aren't supposed to save lives; they're supposed to END them through immune system suppression, nutritional deficiencies and creating disease vulnerabilities in the population.

And yet, shockingly, this scientist agrees with the premise that there are too many people on the planet... and that rapid depopulation is a MUST for survival. His view is that we need to be open and honest about massive depopulation rather than hiding it in foods and medicines.

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The article below is from 2014, but it has substance giving today's situation with the Zika Virus. This man is caught making jokes about culling large numbers of human population. He also states that all you have to do is use genetic engineering to achieve this.

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