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Sunday, 3 January 2016

"The New Year With Max Igan - Wake The Hell Up People!!!"

"Forced Vaccination & WW3 - Or An Alliance Of Defiance?"

A fine pair of world leaders.... How low can we go?

Well, another gem from "MAD" Max Igan, but just how mad is he?

In truth, one of the sanest men I have 'never' met....

The only disparity I have ever had with Max Igan's outlook is his rather incessant chants about people popping down rabbit holes created by the scum that profess to rule over us. In particular, 'the freeman' rabbit hole.

The so called 'Freeman Movement' is what woke me up in Jersey, Channel Islands some years ago, and not too my detriment but to my awakening of the truth and the bullshit that government presented to me on a daily basis. Hell, just look at my postings for the evidence.

Tomorrow's posting will show exactly what I mean about the 'freeman' rabbit hole.

If you view this posting Max Igan, I am here to tell you that "ANYTHING" which turns sheep into shepherds is not so much a rabbit hole, but a learning curve, an awakening! Anything that turns sheeple into people is good for the cause.

What ever it takes to awaken the masses is not a bad thing Max, hell, the only bad thing is that they dwell on it as a total resolve to the problems humanity faces at this present time in history.

With much love and respect to you Max Igan, the following video happens, as if by Magick....

Published on 1 Jan 2016

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