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Sunday, 31 January 2016

"Forced Vaccination For Idiots" PART 3 of 3

"Autism - Dead Doctors - Cancer - Big Pharma - Government Lies & Nagalase"

Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes In Vaccines All Found Murdered

Not long ago, Neon Nettle reported on the epidemic of doctors being murdered, most of which were in Florida, U.S.  The scientists all shared a common trait, they had all discovered that nagalase enzyme protein was being added to vaccines which were then administrated to humans.
Nagalase is what prevents vitamin D from being produced in the body, which is the body's main defence to naturally kill cancer cells.

Do you now understand that you and your children are being murdered?

Sunday, 24 January 2016

"Forced Vaccination For Idiots" PART 2

"Autism - Dead Doctors - Cancer - Big Pharma - Government Lies"

INVESTIGATION: Three days before Dr. Bradstreet was found dead in a river, U.S. govt. agents raided his research facility to seize a breakthrough cancer treatment called GcMAF

Saturday, 23 January 2016

"Forced Vaccination For Idiots" PART 1

"Autism - Dead Doctors - Cancer - Big Pharma - Government Lies"

Published on 20 Jan 2016
Herbalist discusses some of the dangers of getting your children vaccinated and explains some alternatives

Thursday, 21 January 2016

"Welcome To Your New World Order Currency"

"Cashless Society Coming Soon"

The statements that Robert Kiyosaki makes in the video posted below are absolutely jaw-dropping. Once upon a time he was all about teaching people how they could get rich, but now he is talking about storing food, buying guns, investing in precious metals and preparing for the coming crash.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

"A Message To All Western Military Personnel - Put Your Guns Down And Go Home To Your Loved Ones"

"Kissinger And Co Are Using You For Political Control, Wealth, And A NWO"

Support Ken O'Keefe

Jeff interviews well known freedom activist and advocate for the Palestinian people, Ken O'Keefe. Topics include: the nefarious workings of the state, freedom and self ownership, US purveyors of violence, the shattering of illusions and dawning truth leads to the attempt to renounce US citizenship, on the run from the state, Max Igan and Palestine, Gaza, people take their lives in their hands by speaking out, those who speak up are imprisoned and tortured, absolutely vital to speak truth to power, US congress is treasonous and entirely unconstitutional, attempting to initiate world war three, the truth about Iran, the people are sick and tired of war and are waking up in droves but we are responsible and we need to effect the change, the Israeli ownership of the US government, Zionism is not the problem, Jewish supremacy the Talmud and nuclear holocaust, it is imperative to stop the funding of mass murder by not paying taxes.

The Anarchapulco Conference:

The Dollar Vigilante:


"Gaddafi-duck And The IMF"

"The Real Reason Gaddafi Was Murdered"

In spite of French-led U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 creating a no-fly zone over Libya with the express intent of protecting civilians, one of the over 3,000 new Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department on New Year’s Eve, contain damning evidence of Western nations using NATO as a tool to topple Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. The NATO overthrow was not for the protection of the people, but instead it was to thwart Gaddafi’s attempt to create a gold-backed African currency to compete with the Western central banking monopoly.

The emails indicate the French-led NATO military initiative in Libya was also driven by a desire to gain access to a greater share of Libyan oil production, and to undermine a long term plan by Gaddafi to supplant France as the dominant power in the Francophone Africa region.

The April 2011 email, sent to the Secretary of State Hillary by unofficial adviser and longtime Clinton confidante Sidney Blumenthal with the subject line “France’s client and Qaddafi’s gold,” reveals predatory Western intentions.


Tuesday, 19 January 2016

"Is This America's Last Election?"

"Can Trump Throw A Spanner In The NWO Works?"

Published on 18 Jan 2016

Since 1988, Donald Trump has been discussed as a potential United States presidential candidate, but when he officially announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015 the mainstream media refused to believe it. Over the next many months, Donald Trump would be attacked and criticized by the media – but were these criticisms legitimate? What is the Untruth About Donald Trump?

0:43 - Donald Trump’s Strategy
3:42 - Mainstream Media On Donald Trump
5:25 - Trump Isn’t a Serious Candidate!
6:44 - He Won’t File His Election Papers – Ignore Him!
8:52 - Illegal Immigration, Border Wall, Rape and Crime
16:18 - Univision, NASCAR, ESPN and Macy’s “Dump” Trump?
18:22 - Is John McCain a War Hero?
21:52 - Was Trump a Draft-Dodger?
23:40 - Megyn Kelly, Rosie O’Donnell and the War on Women
27:18 - Blood coming out of her wherever…
28:55 - The Truth About The Bankruptcies
32:18 - The Bible Gotcha!
33:39 - Muslim Celebrations on September 11th
35:52 - Did Trump Mock a Disabled Reporter?
37:25 - Muslim Immigration Ban
43:17 - Do Americans Support Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban?
44:38 - Muslim Databases?
46:33 - Employing Illegal Immigrants?
48:20 - Vladimir Putin
50:09 - Anti-Semitic Comments
51:26 - Comparisons to Adolf Hitler
54:57 - Campaign Event Protestors
56:28 - Old Joke About Dating His Daughter
57:10 - Saturday Night Live
58:09 - Trumps Inheritance and Wealth
59:06 - Donald Isn’t Rich Enough to Fund His Campaign
1:01:21 - Jeb Bush’s Personal Immigration Connection
1:01:54 - Gun Control in Paris
1:02:46 - Don’t Trust Trump With the Nuclear Codes!
1:03:35 - Hillary Clinton’s ISIS Recruitment Video Claim
1:04:10 - Close Down The Internet?
1:05:00 - Carly Fiorina: Look at That Face!
1:05:48 - Hillary Got Schlonged
1:06:13 - Go After Terrorists Families
1:07:00 - George W. Bush Kept Us Safe
1:07:50 - He’s a Rapist
1:08:30 - Deportation Force
1:09:31 - The “Donald Trump is a Hillary Clinton Plant” Conspiracy
1:09:53 - Campaign Finance Hypocrisy
1:10:50 - Oprah as Vice President?
1:11:08 - Donald Trump is Batman

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Thursday, 14 January 2016

"More & Deeper Info On Nano - Chemtrails/Geoengineering - Morgellons"

"A 20 Year Study That Will Blow Your Mind"

We start with a quick briefing by Dahboo777 followed by a most profound video portraying the 20 years of painstaking research by Elana Freeland.

Published on Jan 6, 2016
In this groundbreaking new 2016 Dark Journalist episode he welcomes the author of the amazing book: Chemtrails HAARP And The Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, Elana Freeland. Elana’s 20 year journey into the realm of covert geoengineering programs, whose goal is to create a dominant Worldwide Smart Grid to ionize the atmosphere, centralize control and institute an all-powerful surveillance state, culminated in what Dark Journalist calls “The best book ever written on these controversial subjects!”
Elana’s investigation draws on the research of scientist Nick Begich and the work of her friend scientist Clifford Carnicom, the leading voices alerting the public to the dangers of large-scale Aerial Spraying and Ionospheric Heaters. Her penetrating insights into the controversial military policy of “Full Spectrum Dominance” and its ties to covert agendas for controlling the atmosphere have led her to secret programs that deal with Weather Warfare, Earthquake and Tsunami Delivery Systems, Nanotechnology, DNA Manipulation and Disaster Capitalism!
In her research she has found that the advanced technology that is behind such complex and mind-boggling activities is rooted in the same programs that created the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) back in the Reagan and Bush Sr. era that was dubbed “Star Wars” by the media. The further development of this technology led to the project called “The Space Fence” in which all life on earth was to be manipulated and controlled from above through nano-sensors with satellites observing the action on the ground.
From Smartphone Entrainment to Wireless Surveillance, Data Mining and WIFI Frequency Wave Towers, the public is now paying for the very tools that will be used to control their every move and monitor their every thought, phone call, email, and emotion. Through the news blackout of the controlled corporate mainstream media an average person has little or no knowledge that the air we breathe is being loaded up with nano-particulates to form the basis of a gigantic worldwide antenna that will be hooked into all physical, organic matter and feed impulses into an Artificial Intelligence infrastructure.
Mechanized Tyranny or Creative Freedom?
Will the Transhumanist agenda of corporate overlords merging with technology to dominate the earth and humanity come to pass? Is this the era of genetically-enhanced cyborg supersoldiers and controller attack drones funded by out of control black budget military programs and puppet-dancer politicians or will the exposure of these dangerous programs cause a radical shift in our 21st century paradigm? The choice apparently is ours.

Intense, informative exciting, alarming, unnerving, controversial and shocking, this is the Dark Journalist episode you don’t want to miss!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

"Nano Particulates - Chemtrails/Geoengineering - Morgellons"

"Nano - And What To Do About It"

Take a 60 X Ocular and set the light to blue. Use the ocular a short distance away from your skin (arms, legs, anywhere you can reach) and you will be surprised at what and how much is on the skin. Wires, pieces of crystalline like material, nanopolymers, or plastic like components which all may at different colors including fluorescent green, opal, blue, deep orange and red. Using a 100 X will actually show you the fine particulates between the cracks, but the bottom line is that you will not believe what you will find

Herbalist talks about the dangers and health risks associated with nanoparticles and smart dust being dispersed through methods such as (but not limited to) chemtrails

Thursday, 7 January 2016

"Well America....Bundy's & Hammond's....How Does This Grab You?"

"Sovereignty Or Tyranny For America?"

"Those who create, cannot be below that which they created."

"Are All National Lotteries Rigged?"

"Is 'EVERYTHING' A Deception? - Wake The Hell Up People!"

August 2015

January 2016

Published on 4 Jan 2016
How’s state-run gambling working out for you? The Multi-State Lottery Association was rigged in an inside job. National media is keeping the story quiet but there’s already been a conviction in Iowa and charges in 4 other states.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

"How To Steal A Farm The American Way"

"Government Theft In Oregon - How The Deception Works"

Published on 5 Jan 2016

In 2010, the United States of America charged Oregon Ranchers Dwight Hammond and his son, Steven Hammond with Arson for:
1) Setting a government pre-approved “prescribed burn” fire which spread to 139 acres of unoccupied state land – actually raising its value according to Bureau of Land Management reports. Nobody was hurt, damages at the time were under $100 and the Hammonds extinguished the fire themselves without outside assistance.
2) Setting an unapproved “back burn” fire to save their property from a lightning-related range fire. Given their ignorance to the fact the Hammond property would be threatened by an act of God, the ranchers did not receive prior government authorization and a “burn ban” was in effect. The ranch was saved, but one acre of government land was impacted – again raising its value, according to BLM reports. 
The Hammonds openly admitted to both incidents and thus the jury found them guilty of those charges, dismissing others. To avoid continued deliberations on unresolved charges, a plea deal was reached with the state. 
The Government requested a five-year mandatory minimum sentence in accordance with the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996. Judge Hogan thought using a terrorism related statute in the case would be improper and would violate the Eight Amendment, constituting cruel or unusual punishment. 
Dwight was sentenced to three months in prison and Steven to twelve months and one day – which they both served. While they were in prison, the Government filed an appeal to the sentence with the Ninth Circuit Court and received the mandatory minimum they originally requested. 
On Monday January 4th, The Hammonds surrendered themselves to continue their unconstitutional five-year mandatory minimum sentences…

Monday, 4 January 2016

"Exposing The Racket "THEY" Call The Law" Hey Mezec!!!

"Strawman - The Nature Of The Cage"

Strawman - The Nature of the Cage is a cutting edge documentary like no other. It highlights the truth around debt, the Legal Fiction, Lawful and Legal, Debt Collectors, Bailiffs, and modern day Policing. The film gives a detailed overview as to how you can address these issues in your personal life, offering knowledge on how to Lawfully deal with any kind of authority, if you haven't broken any Laws.

Drawing on the expertise of Trailblazers whom have risked everything to deliver this usually unavailable information, Strawman will outline information that you would otherwise be completely unaware of. 

John K Webster, who has spent 18 months researching and making this film, has one goal... having noticed the increase of suicides in the UK that relate directly to monetary worries, he says "If this film saves one life, my work is done." 

This film applies to everyone, regardless of your personal situation. It is important to know how the system works and more importantly, how it is working you.

It is said, that you must first know that you are in a cage, before you can escape from that cage.

YOUTUBE FOOTAGE! We used a selection of Youtube footage from like minded people to illustrate and prove the information supplied within the documentary. We tried in all cases to contact the original up-loaders of the footage and cleared most of it but did not get a response from everyone. If we used your footage it was because we considered you to be at the top of your game. We have credited all the channels associated with the clips at the end of the film.

We ask that if you spot your footage and did not hear from us, not to take a knee jerk reaction and claim copyright infringement. We are positive this won't happen as we are all singing from the same song sheet, as it were, but you never know. Please contact us first.

The film-makers are giving this film away for free and have spent thousands of hours and pounds to bring the film to reality, so please let it breath. We are not making the film for profit, just to help and educate.

Fair use / Fair dealing

Under US and UK law, provisions have been made for 'Exceptions to copyright' for educational, news, criticism and reporting purposes. We believe our film qualifies for this as it is not for profit and is educational in nature. Please see link below.

We begin with a short excerpt from John Harris (now deceased) who has done much over the years to awaken the people of the World. The second video is the full length bombshell....

R.I.P John Harris

Sunday, 3 January 2016

"The New Year With Max Igan - Wake The Hell Up People!!!"

"Forced Vaccination & WW3 - Or An Alliance Of Defiance?"

A fine pair of world leaders.... How low can we go?

Well, another gem from "MAD" Max Igan, but just how mad is he?

In truth, one of the sanest men I have 'never' met....

The only disparity I have ever had with Max Igan's outlook is his rather incessant chants about people popping down rabbit holes created by the scum that profess to rule over us. In particular, 'the freeman' rabbit hole.

The so called 'Freeman Movement' is what woke me up in Jersey, Channel Islands some years ago, and not too my detriment but to my awakening of the truth and the bullshit that government presented to me on a daily basis. Hell, just look at my postings for the evidence.

Tomorrow's posting will show exactly what I mean about the 'freeman' rabbit hole.

If you view this posting Max Igan, I am here to tell you that "ANYTHING" which turns sheep into shepherds is not so much a rabbit hole, but a learning curve, an awakening! Anything that turns sheeple into people is good for the cause.

What ever it takes to awaken the masses is not a bad thing Max, hell, the only bad thing is that they dwell on it as a total resolve to the problems humanity faces at this present time in history.

With much love and respect to you Max Igan, the following video happens, as if by Magick....

Published on 1 Jan 2016

Friday, 1 January 2016

"Happy New (world order) Year"

"The Lock Down Of Cities All Across Europe Is Coming"

Every firearms officer in the capital will be on duty to protect the New Year celebrations in an unprecedented security operation, the Telegraph can disclose, as revellers are urged to carry on as normal.

German police have evacuated the central railway station of Munich, the capital of Bavaria, as well as another station in Pasing due to an imminent terror threat. On Twitter and Facebook, Munich police have asked people to avoid crowded places amid the ongoing New Year celebrations.

Belgium is increasing its terror alert level for New Year's Eve. And the Belgian Crisis Center warns festivities could be cancelled altogether.