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Monday, 7 December 2015

"Only The People Can Change This Evil System"

"Daniel Beaty On The Prison Racket"

"KNOCK KNOCK," by Daniel Beaty!

One of the most moving and POWERFUL spoken word slams iv'e ever heard. Its about the dangers and destruction caused by the "for profit" prison system, please research this subject and how the criminal justice system is exactly that... CRIMINAL! It CREATES poverty and MANUFACTURES crime so that it can burst at the seams with overflow of impoverished people and kills them once their in servitude in prison, using their free labour to export goods for profit, and leaves them with a debt owed once they're out, that they have to PAY BACK to the system that did this to them in the first place! FUCK YOUR CODES AND STATUTES! FUCK THE POLITICIANS WHO PROMOTE THEM! FUCK YOUR OFFICERS WHO ENFORCE THEM! FUCK YOUR SYSTEM, AND FUCK THE BANKS THAT CREATED IT!! RESEARCH AND BRING DOWN THE PRISON RACKET!

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