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Sunday, 22 November 2015

"Programming The Sheep"

"How 'THEY' Let You Know In Advance"

Wrestling told you about 911 coming with the destruction of the Twin Towers..but do you know that it is also telling you of the Coming Mark of the Beast,Triple Helix,Chremtrails,The Cerebal Assassination on the Temple of God...THE ONE GAME sheeple!
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I found a lot of interesting things tied into this new production from Pepsi. They claim right off the bat that this is Not based on Science Fiction. You can watch the video at the link below.

Black Knight Decoded:

A group masquerading as conservative but backed by left-wing foundations including billionaire George Soros’s Foundation to Promote Open Society (FPOS) has launched an online advertising campaign in defense of bringing Syrian refugees to the United States.

The banner ads bear tag lines like, “Support freedom, not fear,” and, “America is better when we welcome refugees.” They lead to a microsite located at with Old Glory-clothed, American flag-waving young people, with a light-skinned blonde leading the way for others who appear to be ethnic minorities partially or fully obscured behind her.

The site in turn quotes conservative icon former president Ronald Reagan, saying, “America is better when we embrace President Reagan’s ‘shining city … teeming with people of all kinds, living in harmony and peace.’”

The site derides “who would make us react in fear of those different from us.” It continues, “As commander in chief, Reagan kept America safe. At the same time, he was the world’s ‘Great Liberator,’ in the words of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. He welcomed refugees from the Soviet Union, Cuba, Vietnam, and elsewhere.”

The site likewise quotes unnamed “security experts” as supporting the screening process. ““Refugees are subjected to the highest and most intensive security review of any population coming to the U.S. No group goes through greater scrutiny and vetting than refugees,” the site quotes an expert as stating.

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