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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

"Cancer For Idiots - A Grande Finale!!!"

"My Final Effort To Wake The Sheep"

This is my very very last ever posting on cancer, and the many many cures to secure cancer's demise.

Below is my final effort....Wakey Wakey Sheeple....

Todays culture holds a very distorted view about #cannabis. 
But the plant IS a sacred healing herb. ALWAYS HAS BEEN! As evidence PILES UP, The #Etymology, #origins and #science of cannabis point ever more to our very DNA being inherently designed either BY or FOR a DIRECT SYMBIOSIS with cannabis, or vice versa! From the #language to the #cosmology, our origins trace back to the stars and show our TRUE DESTINY! Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE!

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Clips by Illuminaticongo, and cannabis science.

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This is a suppressed medical discovery. Please watch to learn how you could cure yourself of almost any disease. 


  1. Excellent work Ian, however the sheeple are trained to only accept something if it comes from a registered doctor, and then most doctors themselves are sheeple who must conform to Gov set standards to remain in employment.

    1. Cheers my friend, and yes, you are quite correct, modern day doctors are a large part of the problem, from sheer ignorance to outright bribery and corruption. However, some are well in control of their practices as I found out a few weeks back when I introduced one of them to The Beck Protocol for the first time. This particular individual was very excited about the protocol and praised me for my research.

      As far as cancer is concerned, I think I have made a small contribution over the years in enlightening people to the truth behind one of the greatest and most vile deceptions the world has ever known. The real credit goes to those who's research I have watched, read, and compiled in my posts. We owe them much....

  2. Yes Ian, you're contributions to spreading awareness are very worthwhile indeed.

    What is most amazing is how a natural plant could create such uproar in the Western Society. It's a sad fact that most people have been trained to dismiss nature in favour of something that man has himself created, although they forget that everything that exists in our world is first derived from the nature.

    It is particularly evil how money has become more important than the forests and clean air we breathe in. We have been taught to ignore intuition,and nature- and to believe in materialism instead. If we are ill we must use a doctor and get medicines from a pharmacy. We put out lives in the hand of what 'they' provide, and 'they' dictate to us what we can or cannot ingest. Many people blindly live their lives without questioning if its right or wrong the actions they are part of, and the Society they live in.

    I could go on, and on, but suffice to know at least some of us are not asleep. ;-)