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Saturday, 19 September 2015

"Symbiosis - Cullen Smith - And A Greater Understanding?"

"Do The Research, Then You Decide!"

"Fire & Ice - The Yin & The Yang"

The Way runs through darkness, through shadow. Neither is cause for despair. The sage says: "The five colours blind the eye; the five tones deafen the ear; the five flavours dull the taste. Therefore, the wise man is guided by what he feels, not what he sees."

"join Christina for an intensive and Inspiring chat with Cullen Smith. Cullen is an expert on exposing and explaining deliberately hidden (occulted) knowledge. He makes informative videos on a variety of topics including: NIKOLA TESLA, Anthropology, deep Esoteric truths and symbology, Semiotics, Metaphysics, Russellian Science, Zero Point Science, Sovereignty, Reclaiming Dominion, EXPOSING Fraud/Corruption/Crimes against HUMANITY, Sacred Geometry, Astrotheology, Astrology, Language, Etymology, and SO MUCH MORE!"

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