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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

"Manipulated Consent"

"You Choose Your Own Destiny"

The String Pullers...The Elites....The illuminati....The Bloodline Families...The New World Order... Whatever name you want to give the people who seem to have dominion over this plane, control and manipulate humanity into slavery and serfdom.

They print the money, create the wars, poison our food, asset strip nations - and are now putting the final touches to their insidious plans for a Nationless, cashless, One World Government ruling over a micro-chipped, greatly reduced population of Serfs and Slaves...

How do they get away with this Monstrous Manipulation?

With OUR consent...we just don't realise it...

This short clip is taken from a presentation by Mark Devlin to New Horizons Saint Annes.

The full presentation on DVD 'Free will consciousness, consent and the Corporate music industry' is available, along with hundreds of other great presentations, from:


1 comment:

  1. It's more than manipulated consent, because it often involves reducing other options, so that people will then, based on that idea, consent with the proposal.

    People need to stand up for their rights, and fight hard for them if they want any chance of getting them.