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Monday, 28 September 2015

"Educating Mezec"

"The Order Followers"

Another Jersey Statist - Deputy Sam Mezec 

"Two things are certain in life, change and death. Those who do not fear death can accomplish anything, those who fear change can accomplish nothing"

This is the presentation Mark Passio gave at the Free Your Mind 3 Conference in 2015. In this lecture, Mark explains how Order-Followers in the Government, Police and Military are members of a world-wide Cult that is destroying human freedom.


  1. Deputy Mezec has a degree in Law whilst what have you got?
    A sad and lonely life by the looks of this blog.

    1. Aaah yes, a degree, all that knowledge and so little understanding of what to do with it.

      I have truth....

    2. No you don't. You have delusion.

      Read Meads v Meads.

      Your Freeman on the Land rubbish is just crackpot conspiracy nonsense.

    3. I have read Meads V Meads, and long before you had probably even heard of the case. As your ilk usually do in their cosy little star chambers, this case was a fit up to set a precedent so all other similar cases could be swept under the carpet in the same manner. Judge Rooke is a psychopath who blamed a rape victim for her ordeal because she thumbed a lift and was raped. You think this clown is fit to hear a case impartially?

    4. Oh my God Ian, do you really not see how silly what you just said is?

      You're trying to tell us that statutory law is invalid and it's only common law which reigns supreme, then you are complaining that a judicial precedent, the very cornerstone of the common law system, ruled this argument invalid.


    5. I have played you like Nero's fiddle Mezec, I will explain tomorrow. For only life lived is knowledge!!!

    6. Have you realised your grave (Capitis Diminutio Maxima) mistake yet young Mezec?

    7. Ian, if i can just say this:

      Sam in my opinion is a bit of a renegade compared to the rest of them. I think he's trying to be a fair and decent person. Is he an order follower? Well to be honest i think anyone involved in keeping their job in Politics is. Why? well his job is to play along as giving a fairer picture to government policy, meaning what is going to happen, will happen regardless of votes and stuff. He, however will offer politicized waffling about it all, and may even be able to do something to dampen the shock of the impending surefire policy. That is basically the job of all politicians, IMO. I'm under no illusion that the Gov really cares about its people, or that the 'them and us', master and slave dynamics, have ever changed. It's now 2015, and despite so called amazing technology, we are working harder, longer, and recieving less money, and being taxed more and more. I984 Orwellian stuff, or what?? No one can say you don't have many valid points to make, Ian. The proof is here and we are living it!!

    8. "Sam in my opinion is a bit of a renegade compared to the rest of them. I think he's trying to be a fair and decent person."

      You are either tricked or deluded my friend, Mezec knows exactly what his role is, it's called controlled opposition. One of the oldest tricks in the book!!!

    9. Hast thou fallen for the oldest trick in the scroll?

    10. "Hast thou fallen for the oldest trick in the scroll?"

      Quite possibly, Ian. I wonder what the Karate kid, headbanger, bad hairday, fellow has to say, oh, not to mention THAT tie, of his, lol!!

    11. Whether I'm a renegade or not is for others to judge, but I am a socialist. That means I believe the role of the state is to actively attempt to improve people's standards of living, reduce poverty and provide infrastructure to allow people to achieve their potential.

      Regardless of that, Ian's views on statute law have no legitimacy. They are crackpot conspiracy nonsense that has been proven time and time again to have no basis in fact at all.

      Meads v Meads proves it comprehensively. But Ian doesn't like that so says that that judgement was just part of the conspiracy too, including the hilarious claim that it was there to purposely set a precedent... yes, judicial precedent which is a defining feature of the common law system! Couldn't make it up.

    12. Ok young Mezec, let's go through it one last time hey?

      In Common Law we are governed by 3 fundamental principles of life, and for the ignorant, Common Law is the law of the land, as we just happen to live on the land. Those 3 fundamental principles are 1.Do no harm to your fellow man. 2. do no damage to their property. 3. Do not use mischief or fraud in your contracts. Quite simple rules of life, even for the dumbest bastard to understand, yup, that means YOU Haworth.

      Now, let us add to the melting pot the concept of statutory law, UCC, uniform commercial code, otherwise known as maritime admiralty law, the law of the water that governs all transactions on the high sea's. Are we on the high sea's young Mezec? Or are we, in actual fact, on the fucking land?

      We are policed and governed by consent in regard to statutory law, yet these pricks use Legalese, the language of the law society, to change the meaning of words to trick us into believing their bullshit. EXAMPLE = MUST is synonymous with MAY in statutory law. Because THEY are acting against a legal fiction (dead entity) THEY are only permitted to make an offer against, an offer for the sheeple to accept. EXAMPLE = "You MUST regis-ter your child within six weeks of birth or you will be liable to the penalties set forth in" blah blah blah whatever bullshit act they determine in this category. Truth is, they are acting against a dead legal fiction (that THEY created through the birth certificate) and making you an offer. The second you put pen to paper and fill out their bullshit form, guess what? You have consented, you have acquiesced to their request! Silence, ignoring their request, is also deemed as acquiescence in THEIR bullshit world of dead legal fictions.

      Mezec, in one of his comments on the VFC Blog, confirmed exactly what I am saying, though at the time he never realised his mistake. Please see the VoiceForChildren Blog at the following address.


      Ian Evans25 September 2015 at 00:13
      Breach Of Trust is a Common Law crime and applies equally to every man and woman regardless of wealth, position or title. Are you telling the world that judges and politicians who lie cheat and steal from the people, whilst employed by the people to look after the interests and the assets of the people, are immune from prosecution because those same people wrote crap down on a piece of paper and called it LAW???


      Deputy Sam Mézec25 September 2015 at 10:55
      That's precisely what I'm saying. It's also what every single legal authority says. States Member is a title created by statute law, not common law. How can you seriously argue that common law principles apply to a title that, by your own twisted conspiracy standards, shouldn't even exist!

      On the above quote, Mezec confirms everything I am saying by telling us that "States Member is a title created by statute law" the dead legal fiction bullshit machine that would have you believe every bit of puke that spews forth from it's satanic origins. Read between the lines in his comments on the VFC Blog, he quite openly proclaims that there is no accountability for a creature of statute. THE CREATURE OF STATUTE BEING THE DEAD LEGAL FICTION THAT IS THE TITLE OF OFFICE AND NOT THE MAN OR WOMAN UNDERTAKING THE ROLE WHO CANNOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE UNDER STATUTORY LAW.

      Good one Mezec, you detestable deceptive spineless little weasel....

    13. "Good one Mezec, you detestable deceptive spineless little weasel...."

      You have a wonderful way with words, Ian.

      I personally agree with the simple and honest basis of Common Law. I agree with you regarding what you say about 'legalese'. Basically THEY do as THEY see fit. However, just because something is legal doesn't mean it's right. What about war? Is it right for us to invade countries we really have no business in? Is it right the mess we have contributed to? Well, because we did it 'legally', then it's ok? Huh? Yea, i know!

      What about stuff that's illegal, like Cannabis that cures Cancer? Oh that's bad now, coz it's illegal, Doh!?

      > Common law makes a hell of a lotta sense. I bet you that we would be living in a better happier world, it that was the basis of Governance. Currently the law as it stands ties the truth up in red tape and nonsense complication. It holds back humanity, it's dumb.

      As for Mezec, well as you rightly call 'controlled opposition', he's just another angle of the Governments agenda. He'll work hard on trivial stuff, but when it comes to letting Syrians into Jersey like 'Barmy Bram', and Gorst, he's behind their plans of mind boggling ignorance and stupidity.

      When and if THEY let them into Jersey, and problems occur, what will they say?... Oh what i did was 'legal', so it's ok.

      Common law, or Mezec's law? I know which one makes most sense to me, although the current law finds it 'illegal'!

      Reason and common sense simply don't exist in current legislation. Fact!

    14. Jester, the whole system is a scam, ALL OF IT. It is ALL based in nothing but fiction, THEIR fiction.

      Go take a look at any of the addresses given in the US Congress by the "world leaders" from the 23rd to the 28th of Sept. Psycho Pope Francis, Putin, Chinese Emperor, Obama, Britain's representative, every one of them calling for a NWO! Calling for a one world religion, calling for global governance, calling for a cashless society, and most of all, calling for sustainable development.

      Of course, the brain washed sheeple don't even know what sustainable development is because they never stuck their noses into the world of Agenda 21 which has now morphed into Agenda 2030.

      Don't believe a word I say, or any other of the conspiracy theorists, simply go buy the book known as "AGENDA 21" issued by "THEM" the United Nations.

      Do the Sheeple believe that "THEY" are lying in "THEIR" own book about "THEIR" own agenda?

    15. As an aside, "THEY" want us to think that we are on the brink of WWIII. How is it then that "THEY" are creating a world army? America, England, Russia, China, through the United Nations with all countries having just declared how many troops they will be sending to act "together"?

      Go research Trident Juncture 2015

    16. Ian, i have heard of this Agenda 21, and seen a few video's about it, and what it implies. I myself have done my own level of inquiry, and it's obvious that the current Migration's are all part of it, as are a lot of other major events. In fact i've even worked out what i myself believe is the game and stratergies of these master 'Chessplayers'!

      People like Sam "he thinks he's Angus Young" Mezec, don't merit much concern compared to the big players, none the less all these small actions do build up. (Barmy Bram and Gorst can seem humanistic and caring, but their policies containing sheer ignorance can cause much suffering along the way)

      Yes, it's all pointing to a New World Order: How a first world country like the States can still be acting so dumb in 2015 is enough evidence to that. But like you and I know Ian, it's all a game and was planned out years ago, because change can only be made slowly and in certain planned stratergies that are based on careful sheperding and sheepdogging of the sheeple masses into the respective pens.

      Yes, i hope to get to read that book, thanks for the advice.

    17. Here young Mezec, take a damn good listen to one of the finest men on this planet....Listen and learn if you are in fact the young good guy that you profess to be, you will change and mirror Max Igan for the rest of your life. The choice is yours....

  2. Of course he's gonna follow orders, it keeps him in a job he enjoys and pays him a good wage for doing very little except politicized waffling.

    Indeed, does anyone expect this young 'headbanger', to challenge the status quo by exposing the injustices as others have done/tried to do? Look what happened to them, the two of them...

    1. You're obviously not a follower of current affairs. That's precisely what we're doing every day.

    2. How are you going to create the real change Jersey needs without putting your job at risks, like others have? I'm talking about real issues here, not dull trivial stuff that never really was a problem, just used in the press as a false flag over more serious issues. What do you stand for? Real change or philosophical waffling?

  3. "Deputy Mezec has a degree in Law"

    Maybe, but acquiring qualifications, and producing real life results are two completely different things. There are far too many intellectual's out there who don't have the capability to use it to deliver the results a Society really needs.

    Fantastic video, Ian. Please do not allow the nay sayers get you down,

  4. Ian's been inside for GBH, should have done a degree when he did the time.

    1. Hi Jon, I understand that your going by the name of Jonny now! But essentially, you are still the same fuckwit known as Jon Haworth. For your info, shit for brains, I have never in my life been convicted for GBH. To your detriment you will be meeting your destiny in the next year or so, good luck with that one loser!!!