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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

"Is Pope Francis A Illuminati Puppet?"

"Pope To Address The US Congress On 24th Sept-ember"

Pope Francis still carrying the twisted cross!

So, what will our Jesuit Pope talk about in the US Congress?

What will he say to the masses in America who are soon to be enslaved under martial law?

Will he talk about RFID?
Nope, he has already expressed his thoughts on RFID Chips (mark of the beast) which he thinks are a good idea and that everyone should have one implanted....

Will he talk about Agenda 21?
Nope, he has already offered to head a move toward the implementation of Agenda 21 on behalf of the globalist tyranny....

Will he talk about a One World Religion?
Nope, he has already called for that little number....

Will he talk about his faith in God and Jesus?
Judging from the video below, Pope Francis doesn't appear to believe in God and Jesus....

So what will he talk about?
My guess is that he will be announcing a false flag alien invasion of some description or perhaps that wretched 2.5 mile wide boulder that is supposed to be hurtling through space on a collision course with our already battered and poisoned planet....

In Fact, the only things that Pope Francis seems to like or have any interest in are the very things that the New World Order want put in place to enslave humanity....

Remember Project Blue Beam?

Project Blue Beam

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