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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

"The Voting Sheep - The Voting Cattle - You're All Just Chattel"

"It's All The Same Theft And Deception"

Watch, learn, and wake the hell up sheeple!


  1. Thank you Ian, for those fantastic video's.

    I will not vote because i have always been able to see politics for the huge scam that it is. They can dress things up as much as they want, they can try to fool us with this illusion of choice, and lies about change, but it's just nothing more than a blagged out game of chess to them. They will promise this, fail to deliver that, and what is this all about you ask? Well it's just the way Governments manage to prevent people's revolutions by tricking them into thinking that the Government really cares about them.

    Of course they don't . They only care about the slaves generating tax money for them, and putting up and shutting up about the predicament. I want nothing to do with this disgraceful and evil behaviour from our so called superiors.

    1. Your very welcome and your comments are appreciated, but remember always that "WE" are the Masters. We have through ignorance and fear, traded places with the servants, it is now time to redress the balance!!!