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Saturday, 30 May 2015

"Revelation - End Of Days - The Watchers"

"DNA Tampering - The Stairway To Heaven - The Temple Of God - Is The True Mark Of The Beast The Triple Helix?"

Most look at the surface of everything, this takes you deeper...
Most look at just the physical realm,this takes you deeper...
Most are fighting the wrong enemy,this takes you deeper...
The understanding of what is really at work with humanity...
You must go deeper, if not, you will never see it coming!

Excellent documentary by Nicholson1968 below, must watch....

What is the Temple of God?
We Are!!!

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Remember what was said in the video above at 25.35 mins.

"Trojan Horse, a trick to allow a foe into a securely protected space. You're going to want the mark of the beast, Satan cannot force it, your gonna want it"

It is my belief that the "Trojan Horse" will be a vaccine or medical treatment of some description. Plus we also have genetically modified food to contend with thanks to Monsanto.

Below we see a GENETICALLY MODIFIED virus to SAVE US!!!

DNA tampering and trickery at it's finest.

The Bible says that most will be deceived.

A new study by UK scientists reveals that a genetically created herpes-based virus is an effective remedy against skin cancer. This virotherapy raises life expectancy for patients with aggressive melanoma and has fewer side effects than other treatments.

The worldwide study, which was led by the Institute of Cancer Research in the UK and published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, says that an artificially created virus called T-VEC can provide skin cancer patients with more efficacious treatment.

Clinical trials have been going on for more than three years in 64 centers across the US, UK, Canada and South Africa. If further studies are also successful, the new drug will be more widely available by next year, the scientists predict according to the Guardian.

T-VEC is a modified herpes virus which multiplies inside cancer cells until they burst open. After destroying the cancer cell, the virus gets into surrounding area and triggers a secondary immune reaction against the tumor.

Dr Hayley Frend, science information manager at Cancer Research UK, commented: “Using a virus to both kill cancer cells and nudge the immune system into attacking them is exciting. Previous studies have shown T-VEC could benefit some people with advanced skin cancer, but this is the first study to prove an increase in survival.”

Just found this little number!

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